About Us…

Hari Covert is Kent’s first Underground/Secret Restaurant

Hari Covert is a passionate cook… He firmly believes that eating out should not be a rip off and that the pleasures of the table should be shared with friends as well as complete strangers.

The marriage of food with a group of like-minded people should ensure not only a satisfied stomach but should equally encourage robust conversation and hopefully formulate new friendships.

Hari Covert is designed to provide just the catalyst and a unique dining experience that you might be just looking for.

“What is an underground restaurant?” – I hear you ask, it is nothing new, except we believe we were the first in Kent to embark upon this in early January 2010.(Now established over 2 years!!!)

It is something of a modern phenomenon in the big metropolis of London with everything from Ms Marmite Lovers Underground Restaurant to a dining club run by ultra hip chef Nuno Mendes – do check out this link for what we believe to be a pretty comprehensive definition.

Hari Covert is keen to invite all passionate foodies to sample his culinary creations and enjoy what is fundamentally a sumptuous dinner party at his home with a relaxed atmosphere and we hope some scintillating conversation.

Click our Dates…”page for more detail on upcoming meals and our Book Now…” page to reserve your exclusive table!

TheNext Menu…” page is updated and published about two weeks prior to the next dinner date.

The Past Dinners…” page has a selection of photos and reports on some of our past dinners we have served along with some customer reviews. This will eventually disappear as we migrate the reports to our blog section. You can also view some customer comments on our Facebook Fan page as well. (click the link to like us at the side of the page)

We also have a “Recipes…” page where we will post some of the recipes to the dishes we prepare… plus features on some of the products we are using.

The @your home…”  page is about the “at home” and “outside catering” services offered by Hari Covert.

The “Press…” page is a list of the reviews we have had…

The Competition…” page is where you can take part in our latest competition, maybe even win a voucher to dine at Hari Covert… check it out regularly to give yourself chance of winning.

The Ups and Downs page outlines the conditions by which we accept bookings as the nature of our restaurant being not strictly legal means we have to outline these conditions to ensure we can continue to provide you the discerning diner with an alternative to other local eateries.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hari Covert

To find out about other supper clubs/secret dining establishments then please click the link below.

Visit Find a Supper Club, become a fan

2 thoughts on “About Us…

    • Hi James
      Happy to supply gift vouchers in multiples of £10 value to use for future dinners/events. Normally valid for a 6 month period.

      Please let me have some contact details as we can take a credit card payment over the phone for their purchase.


      Hari C

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