All Loved Up…


Well we hosted a “Valentines” themed menu that we called “in the pink” The idea was to have each course with some colour co-ordination namely pink… simple really.

It was quite a challenge to balance the menu but we felt we did a pretty good job… we kicked off the evening with a Prosecco Royale – a glass of prosecco with a slug of cassis and served this with a shot glass of a pea and curry mousse… I know its not pink but well we had to be green somewhere!

The first course was a cold cauliflower terrine that was served with a chilled shellfish sauce that was laced with some chopped crayfish tails. A garnish of our ubiquitous green beans in a light lemon juice and oil dressing was enhanced with some toasted pine kernels. This was a dish that Hari once served to the crown prince of Norway at a private dinner, on that occasion he cooked the terrine in an Aga but it failed to set and so ended up being a bit of a mush. On another occasion at a luncheon held at Sutton Place outside Guildford the same dish was presented to Rudolph Nureyev and was much appreciated so a fitting start to this evenings meal.

Next came a roasted fillet of Scotch Salmon that was served on top of a bed of roasted winter vegetables, these included Grilled Aubergine, Beetroot, Butternut Squash, Red Onion and then some lovely aniseed flavoured fresh fennel. This was served with some green Mojo Sauce a Canarian speciality. The sauce is made using fresh coriander, ground cumin, garlic and olive oil. Papas arrugadas were the potatoes and this was baby new potatoes that had been cooked in very salted water to ensure the skins became salt crusted…

Next a classic Panna Cotta or “cooked cream” was served with some fresh poached forced rhubarb and some homemade thin shortbread biscuits, simple but classic.

To complete the meal a platter of cheeses was served to share “a deux” and this include thinly sliced vieux Mimolette, a fresh goats cheese and then a run away vacherin, a traditional cheddar cheese and a blue Shropshire. All served again with our now infamous oat “porridge” biscuits.

To go with the coffee Hari had once again made some heart attack peanut butter fudge and presented little bags to take away to the guests as well.

It seemed the guests all left pretty loved up and once again we look forward to welcoming the discerning diner to our next event planned for mid March.

The next theme is a chocolate fest as we will be celebrating Easter and here we plan to make each course served incorporate chocolate somehow or other so this could get a bit experimental.


Hari Covert

Covert by name and nature