Taywell’s Special Tasting…

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It was a chilly night as we arrived at Taywell’s Ice Cream HQ on the outskirts of Paddock Wood. However, it was a warm welcome from the owner Alastair Jessell who had kindly agreed to host a special “Twuddle” night to taste some new flavours his company had created to enter into the Great British Taste Awards taking place later in the year.

Well it had been well supported with a full house – two tastings took place at 6:30pm and 7:30pm respectively. Alastair explained to us how the ice cream they make is produced in twenty litre batches with their state of the art “Swiss Made” machines that cost a cool 65 grand each (they have two!) The mix is poured into the top of the machine and it is then heated and pasteurised to the required temperature before dropping through to the chamber that churns and freezes the mix to make the ice cream in just twenty minutes. The machines are that clever that if the consistency is not quite right they can programme the machine to remember what it needs to do the next time and it will automatically do that. As one taster remarked I should think so for 65 grand!!!

The ice creams we were to taste had been duly removed from the freezer about 10 minutes before the tasters had arrived as to scoop it meant it would be easier and tasting plates were in place with labels strategically placed along with a plethora of spoons. The new flavours had a tasting sheet to score and comment upon and there were some extra new flavours and style to try as well. (Some special edition Frozen Yoghurts)

Well we got down to the serious business and started to taste first the sorbets as these have the cleanest flavours and they melt the quickest. Then came the Ice Creams and finally the yoghurts.

There was much mirth and merriment as we jostled down the line, a concern from some that the alcohol laced ices meant they would not be in a fit state to drive – Alastair explained whilst he was generous with the booze it was about 1 bottle of the booze to the 20 litre batch so nothing to be concerned about. One question from a certain taster about food colour additives was rightly met with a swift rebuke from Alastair that Taywells only use natural products and no additives… that told him!

After we had gorged ourselves and made the desired notes on our tasting sheets we were then given the chance to sample a reject that had not made the grade, for simply whilst it tasted good it was no more different than a same flavour using less expensive ingredients and would be less likely to be commercially viable.

A trip round the walk in freezer whilst a we bit chilly was like being in an Aladdin’s cave of Ice Cream with a staggering range of flavours and the chance to purchase what we had tasted at a special rate tempted many to depart with their arms loaded and some free samples of the reject!!!

It was a great night and the results of the tasting will be revealed soon and an outright winner that will be given the “Twuddle” seal of approval announced as soon as we have fully scrutinised the ballot sheets and checked them and even snuck back just to check we hadn’t missed something… all in the interests of fairness I am sure you will understand!


8 thoughts on “Taywell’s Special Tasting…”

  1. Taywells is the best place I found so far with the closest to Italian Ice Cream I could find since living here.
    The flavours are fantastic, I left with some of the classical ones: Hazelnut, Pistachio and Chocolate, but also some of my favourite ever Liquorice, which in Italy I have all the times, Coffee & Tia Maria, loving Coffee Ice cream the combination of the 2 makes it very smooth and a little sweeter too.

    Another one of my favourite of the night was Blood Orange & Campari Sorbet, the most amazing refreshing sorbet I’ve tried, I like the bitterness of it, but not as sharp as the classic lemon one.

    In Italy Campari is very popular as an aperitif, but I most fan of the non-alcoholic ones myself, we have them all the times in the Summer as refreshing drinks, so I think this sorbet will do very well.


  2. Great night… great ice cream… great company.

    Amazed that I like the liquorice ice cream (I hate liquorice flavour things, but this was delicious!). Now in search of something suitable to accompany it. Hari suggested a lemon tart?


    1. Hi Mike
      I know what you mean I also thought yuk but was blown away.. it really bought back some childhood memories of sherbet fountains… now I wonder could you combine a sherbet sorbet with it? Over to you Mr Taywell!!!
      I am making lemon tarts on Sunday for some friends who are coming for lunch so will let you know how it all goes!!!!


  3. Good fun, good ice-cream.

    If you get a chance try the licquorice one, I like it but I suspect it’s the marmite of ice-cream!

    Now there’s a thought Alastair, have you made a marmite flavoured ice-cream yet?


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