Not quite a Bus Pass Celebration…

Not quite a bus pass celebration…

Well we had an extra little Hari night this weekend for a private party… Party host and birthday girl “Veronica” wanted to celebrate a nearly significant birthday with her close friends in a unique and different way so we duly obliged by opening
our doors for an exclusive dinner…

It had been a hectic week with several trips to London for the day job leaving little time to focus totally on the dinner. Still when
Saturday came it meant a very early start to get the prep work done…

The menu chosen was to showcase some good seasonal produce and we kicked the meal off with some local Asparagus served in a risotto.

Asparagus Risotto…

Next came the main course and having done some awesome new seasons lamb at our right Royal Feast we thought we would serve it again. The lamb was roasted with a wild garlic crumb crust and then served with gratin dauphinoise and some stir fried seasonal greens. A few of the guests who were non-meat eaters were served a wild mushroom quiche with a spicy tomato chilli sauce as the alternative… all got polished off and plates came back pretty well licked clean!

Then the Cheeses served were Winterdale Shaw our a local cheddar and then our Hari’s buttons and a soft French cheese… all with our homemade porridge oat biscuits and homemade Banana & Date chutney

Finally we completed the dinner with a flourless Orange and Hazelnut Torte with a marmalade coulis and a dollop of mascapone.

There was a good buzz to the room as the guests sat round one big table and gladly played musical chairs to mix with each other and Veronica played the perfect host to her guests…

It was a good evening and as guests departed they all seemed well sated…I do hope they enjoyed their special underground dining night…




5 thoughts on “Not quite a Bus Pass Celebration…”

  1. Hi Hari and your team,
    I know this is a little late but just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the food and the mood (!) at Veronica ‘s birthday celebration.
    It certainly was a night to remember, the lamb and that scrumptious cake were superb.
    May your business prosper!


  2. A really enjoyable birthday celebration for the lovely Veronica! I especially liked your very light Orange and Hazelnut Torte.


      1. Dear Hari,
        I thought I’d send you a big thankyou for a wonderful dinner on my birthday, as I see my lovely friend Annie sent a response.

        It really was an evening to remember and all my guests loved every morsel and mouthful. To be able to bring my special friends together to show them how much I appreciate each and everyone of them with a delicious meal served in a beautiful candlelit room with a great atmosphere was just perfect.

        You have created an amazing buisness but it felt as if we were your personal guests, Thankyou again so much. Certainly kick -started my ‘bus pass year’ with an optimistic thrust!
        x VJ
        P.S. If you ever need someone to ‘test’ any dishes I’m available!


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