The Hole Hog…

A friend who we managed to inspire to open their home as a supper club has just done their first dinner last weekend and have already had some great feedback… check it out here

He informed me this morning they all enjoyed themselves and went home well fed and having consumed his Spanish inspired menu.

He even made the wooden boards he served the tapas on himself so it was a real labour of love… I predict it will be hard to get one of his six places up for grabs so do make sure you book early !

 Click the Hog to see more and for pictures of the food etc go here


One thought on “The Hole Hog…”

  1. Thank you for the plug Mr Covert! We (my wife & I) had a great time Saturday evening. We really enjoyed opening up our dining room to six local guests who have given us nothing but positive feedback since Saturday evening. Our next diner is booked for the 6th August, a long way off but what with several outside functions we are doing and some weddings to attend its the next available date we have! Menu up on the site if you wish to see it.
    The Hole Hog


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