A celebration…

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A celebratory evening at Hari’s was something Dedo a returning customer was keen to have with a group of friends. So we duly obliged with an exclusive nights dinner.

Dedo had been recently at the not quite a bus pass dinner for Veronica and Dedo’s night was also a birthday celebration.

As the guests arrived the weather had finally cleared sufficiently for them to congregate on the garden deck terrace for their aperitif. This was a Kir Normande – dry cider with crème de cassis and the canapés… some Arancini deep fried rissoto balls, sliced German Mettwurst with some baby gherkins and then a smoked mackerel rilletes flavoured with horseradish kicked the evening off.

The first course we served was then ready so guests sat down and we served up a cherry tomato tartlet served with goats cheese and some simple salad leaves dressed in a raspberry vinegar and olive oil dressing.

Next came the roasted Pork Fillet wrapped in black forest ham served on a bed of mixed beans in a chilli salsa with some chorizo and a beer and caraway scented jus… well plates came back pretty well cleaned and the homemade bread was well used to mop up those last dregs of the sauce!

The party now in full swing was going well and we as in traditional French fashion served up the cheese selection next. The selection chosen for this dinner was a classic Spanish tangy Ewe’s milk Manchego that we served with some of our Banana & Date chutney, A good runny ripe Normandy Camembert and then our Hari’s Button made with some creamy St Agur and sherry soaked sultanas. Once again our porridge oat biscuits proved a hit and just to remind you all the recipe for them can be found in the previous post here. I was slightly reprimanded I should keep the recipe secret but I have to say I am more than happy to share it as I cannot claim it’s origin but an adaptation of someone elses creativity!!!

We then moved onto the final course that was a torte that I had done at a previous Hari dinner and knew would provide the right finish to the meal. The torte was a flourless chocolate hazelnut torte made using Nutella… that favourite chocolate hazelnut spread that Mrs HC often craves in her crepes. We served the wedge of the torte up with some local cherries stoned and turned into a compote with the addition of some fresh raspberries and a spoonful of Rote Grutze all laced with a splash of homemade Swiss Apricot schnapps. A dollop of Mascapone cream and a glass of Muscat de Rivesaltes was served as well and then I duly realised next morning I had forgotten to sprinkle some chopped roasted cobnuts on the finished plate as garnish…ooops!

A toast to Dedo with a glass of bubbly was served up along with their coffees – the night had been a lovely success and as guests departed Dedo passed over a table placemat that had a rather fitting comment written on the reverse… it makes it all worthwhile when guests really do appreciate what you do for them.

So now we are busy planning for the next two events firstly the afternoon teas that we are doing to raise money for the Hospice in the Weald and then the special Chinese banquets we are doing as extra dates in August as we are delaying our holidays to France to host these special dinners.

We are also planning our dates up to the end of the year so keep watching the Dates page for all the latest info…