Chinese Chef Mr But comes to Hari Covert…

The Menu


 Cold Peking Smoked Fish

Crispy Smoked Chicken
on Crispy Seaweed

Sesame Prawn Toast

Baked Scallop with Black Bean Sauce


 Intermediate Dish

 Mongolian Crispy Lamb with Lettuce Puffs


Main Dishes

Slow cooked Beef Shin with Water Chestnuts

Stir Fried Chicken & Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce

Stir Fried King Prawns & Sugar Snaps with Ginger & Garlic

Kuo Tieh Fish Slice Szechaun Style

Pak Choy with Oyster Sauce

Steamed Rice



By Hari Covert

Following my recent meeting with Mr But we have now finalised the menu. This will however be subject to market purchases and ingredient availability. Dates are Friday 5th August and Saturday 6th August.

We will kick the meal off with a selection of starters some Crispy Smoked Chicken served on a bed of seaweed (Mr But was the first Chinese chef to reveal how this is made on UK TV and overnight the price of seaweed dropped in restaurants) We will also serve some Peking Smoked Fish – this is Plaice fillets that are initially marinated then fried and then marinated again, a delicate starter that is served cold and is a refreshing start to what will be a pretty enormous meal. We will serve a classic sesame Prawn Toast… this is something Mr But does rather well and I’m sure you will be impressed. Finally the remaining starter we will serve will be a fresh scallop that will have been baked in its shell and served topped with a piquant Black Bean Sauce.

Next will come something of a signature dish and one that Mr B is famed for. It is what is termed the intermediate course. Mongolian Crispy Lamb is a boneless leg of lamb that has been slow cooked in aromatic spices and then will be deep fried and served with a Hoisin Sauce and Ice Berg lettuce leaves…

We then move onto the main dishes and as Mr But will be cooking these all fresh they will appear on the tables as they are ready so do pace yourselves.

The dishes we will be serving will be a slow cooked shin of Beef. This is a dish you rarely find on a Chinese restaurant menu but Mr But will be preparing this unctuous dish with addition of water chestnuts to give a crisp texture against the soft well-cooked texture of the meat.

Then we will serve stir-fried chicken with a yellow bean sauce and cashew nuts a dish that will surprise you for its lack of sauce but its flavours that pack a punch. Another stir-fry will be served, some giant King Prawns with Sugar Snap Peas (we know them as Mange Tout) and a light delicate garlic and ginger sauce part of what is classically known as the trinity in Chinese cookery.

We will also be serving a fish dish know as Kuo Tieh Fish Slice, the fish will be coated in a egg batter fried and then poached and served with a spicy Szechaun sauce.

Vegetables will be the stir-fried Pak Choy with oyster sauce and the rice we will serve will be simple steamed Jasmine rice to soak up all those lovely flavours.. I’m drooling here just thinking about it…!

I will do the dessert and will try to make it something fairly exotic! – no idea what just yet so will surprise you all!

This will be a very special night as Mr But is truly a master and with our open plan kitchen we will also encourage you all to keep a watchful eye on the master at work!

The evening will all kick off with a welcome glass of bubbly on arrival with some classic Prawn Crackers, we will also select and include all the wines to go with your dinner and the final spectacle of the night will be the Hand Drawn Noodle presentation, have your cameras at the ready and be prepared to have a go yourself!

I promise you it will be a lot harder for you to do as Mr But has been making noodles now for over 40 years and is recognised as the Master of this art in the UK! He has appeared twice on the BBC Generation Game and has made numerous TV appearances to demonstrate the noodle making process so is just a bit good at it!

The suggested donation for this very special event will be £75 per person that will be an all inclusive price to include all the drinks.

We are filling up fast so please get your bookings in now… Please note you will be sharing tables.


Hari C