Going underground…

Racks of cheese...

Well now we told you we would be serving a dinner this year at cheesemaker’s Robin & Carla Betts of Winterdale Shaw and we can now reveal what we will be serving and what format the dinner will take!

It will be literally underground this month as we will serve a four course dinner down in the cheese cellar of Winterdale Shaw in amongst the racks of maturing Cheddar.

We will be doing two nights on Friday 9th September and Saturday 10th September and we will be using the cheese I made along with fellow chefs Jason and Aidan back in January this year. We will also be using for the main course another very local product but more on that in a moment.

The menu for each night will use the cheese we made at every opportunity and will be as follows.

Nibbles served with a welcome drink will be Winterdale Shaw Gougeres & Welsh Rarebit

Double Cooked Cheese Souffle

with an Apple & Watercress Salad

ῶ ῶ ῶ ῶ

3 ways “Roundwood Orchard” Pig

Crispy Confit Pork Belly

Zigeuner Goulash

Liver & Onions

Cheese Mash

Green Beans wrapped in Bacon

ῶ ῶ ῶ ῶ

Our own made Winterdale Shaw Cheese

served with Porridge Oat Biscuits

ῶ ῶ ῶ ῶ

Vanilla Junket
with Seasonal Fruits

(Muscat de Rivesaltes)

ῶ ῶ ῶ ῶ

Coffee with
Homemade Chocolates

We will kick the meal off with some cheesy nibbles namely a classic Welsh Rarebit and then some Gougeres, classic choux pastry baked with grated cheese. These will be served upstairs in the shop area where guest can view the dairy room before descending the steps into the chilly cellar (Warm clothing is advisable) to then congregate around a single large table for the dinner.

The first course will then be a double baked cheese souffle that will be served with a simple local apple and watercress salad.

The main course though will only use the cheese in a subtle way within the mashed potato but will however show case some very special free range organic pork from nearby Roundwood Orchard.

This thirty plus acre farm keeps some 400 pigs in outdoor pens year round and rears happy pigs that are fed on the apples from the surrounding apple and plum orchards and ensures the meat is 100% traceable and sustainable. We will cook it three different ways – the belly will be poached in lard till soft and unctuous and then pressed till cold cut into portion sizes and then finally roasted to crisp up.

A shoulder joint will be made into slow cooked paprika flavoured Zigeuner Goulasch with the addition of sauerkraut and finally we will quickly pan fry the liver and serve with some fried onions. The addition of green beans wrapped in some smoked streaky bacon will complete the main course plates.

We then in the French fashion will serve a wedge of the Winterdale Shaw cheese along with assorted accoutrements and our now infamous porridge biscuits.

Finally to complete the meal we will serve a classic old-fashioned milk junket, using the farms unpasteurized milk that we will set with the addition of rennet and then serve with a garnish of some seasonal local fruit. A glass of Muscat de Rivesaltes will be served with this and then with coffee we will serve some homemade chocolates.

This event will really showcase two exceptional products a true artisan Cheese and meat that is produced with a passion and commitment that is unrivalled and will be a very unique evening.

We will be asking for a donation of £45 per person that will include the welcome drink on arrival and the Muscat de Rivesaltes with the dessert but you will need to bring your own wines to go with your meal… glasses and water will be supplied.

If you are interested to attend these dinners then please go to our Book Now page to complete the booking form.