Live and Let Fly… the cast off..?

Well it was a busy week this last week… following on from our underground dinner we had been asked by Hannah Marcheselli if we would do the catering at her husband’s James launch party for his new business!!!

Live and Let Fly is a new venture for James and we felt we needed to reflect the enterprise in a novel and creative way. The venue at the garden ornament and architectural stone emporium Chilstone was to be a fitting location as there is a lake that James uses as a venue for his fly fishing tuition and the back drop of stone urns and a plethora of garden sculptures ranging from a hippo to a rather stunning resin based ice sculpture that doubled as a rather fancy ice bucket allowed us to run riot with ideas!!!

We felt the theme for the evening should be fish and most notably Salmon and Trout. Next challenge was how to prepare and serve these assorted canapés with no kitchen facilities! So we decided on 8 fish themed items two of which were to be served hot!

Some freshly poached cubes of salmon on large sticks placed into some rather snazzy baby blue wellie waders and a bowl of piquant Wasabi mayonnaise was one.

Then some pumpernickel with sweet mustard spread was topped with home cured Gravad Lax.

We then chose to use some little toasts with assorted toppings as the other nibbles, a fresh goats cheese mixed with some apple and then topped with a morsel of smoked trout sat alongside toasts topped with mashed avocado a mild chilli salsa and again a morsel of flaked smoked trout. The final toast was topped with some hot cured smoked salmon mixed with diced fresh mango and spiced with some Garam Masala to add a curry flavoured kick.

The final cold canapé was a tortilla wrap that had been filled with a horseradish cream and smoked salmon mix and some shredded lettuce rolled and then sliced to create a pin-wheel effect!

Next the hot canapés we had chosen were to be rice based, firstly some Arancini were freshly deep-fried and studded with a specially doctored cocktail stick with its own fishing fly… a perfect calling card for guests to take home as a memory! Arancini are flavoured risotto rice balls, egg washed and coated in breadcrumbs. These were flavoured with the addition of chopped smoked salmon and some freshly chopped summer herbs. They seemed to disappear as quickly as I fried them!!!

The final chosen canapé was to cook a large pan of Salmon Paella… I had managed to get hold of a proper paella lamp and pan so along with the genuine Spanish rice and paella spices we set to by frying off some onions, garlic and diced peppers added the rice and then stock and gently poached the rice adding diced salmon at the last minute before issuing guests with their own forks and encouraging them to stand there and dive in! It became something of a focal point for some – no names Alex & Jim!!!

Dodging some rather heavy showers and the logistics of no cooking facilities we managed to knock out near on a thousand nibbles to the invited guests. It was good to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones and we hope we have helped to kick start the Live and Let Fly venture in a fitting manner… I am eager to get my hands on a rod and have a go myself and see if I can’t catch myself something rather edible for my supper! Good luck James!

Thanks to Snappy David for some great pictures as well!!!

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