70 days till Christmas…don’t panic

Well with just 70 days till that big day we thought we would remind you all of some novel ideas you could perhaps get a loved one as a present… these are very much a personal list of our favourites!!!

  1. A bottle of Cobnut Oil – Kent produces the only UK produced oil and you can buy direct from them… Try the roasted nut version we have heard it is rather special!
  2. A good sized chunk of Winterdale Shaw and maybe a sliver of Stichleton!!! Two of our favourite cheeses – you could  buy direct from Winterdale Shaw… their shop opens every Saturday morning from 10am to 1pm
  3. A Tub of Taywell’s Ice Cream – our personal favourite over the last year has to be the Blood Orange and Campari Sorbet…it would make a delightful lighter finish to the Christmas Day lunch!
  4. A 12 bottle Selection of Moodley’s Beers – for the true beer enthusiast this would be a great present to savour through out the next year – that is if they can manage to stick to one bottle a month!!!
  5.  A visit to a local attraction or customised treasure hunt with your own Blue Badge Tour Guide… different we know and very adaptable and could be something for the whole family!
  6. A days fly fishing with that jolly nice chap James Marcheselli of Live and Let Fly… what he does with his rods is the stuff of legend… we will say no more!!!
  7. How about a celebratory hamper for a gastronaut? Sarah Crysell of Olive Stores in Brenchley (venue for our November Hari nights) has a positive Aladdin’s cave of goodies to choose from! Pay them a visit and you could have a cuppa or coffee whilst you are there!
  8. How about some Happy Pig… a nice big joint of pork would be welcome in any carnivores home and I think you cannot go far wrong with a choice cut from Roundwood Orchard… their 400 or so happy pigs roam around the orchards gorging themselves…. great place to visit with the kids as well as they will encourage you to wander round and see the pigs!  They will also butcher whatever cut you want…
  9. Want a retro gift of loveliness? Well if you should wander down to the Pantiles in central Tunbridge Wells there is an emporium that can deliver your hearts desires… Stuff & Good Sense located just behind the Tourist Office will look after your every whim… it has uber cool designs and at prices to suit all pockets!!!
  10. Finally how about a voucher to dine at Hari Covert… We can do them for any amount and they help the recipient secure a reservation. We can even personalise them! Check it out here
We will soon be revealing our plans for 2012 so something else to look forward to! I do hope we have not scared you too much by revealing it is now just 70 days to Christmas… never mind some of these ideas you could leave till Christmas Eve –  go on we dare you!!