Helping the Hospice… again

Well we are proud to say during 2011 we managed to raise over £1000 for the Hospice in the Weald with our various fundraising activities. From the special fundraising we did with Björn Again who appeared at the Assembly Hall, raffles and the special tea we hosted at the Stuff & Good Sense Shop in Tunbridge Wells.

Well for 2012 we are doing something different…

On Friday 24th February 2012 the Hospice in the Weald will be hosting a special dinner they have named “The Torchlight Dinner” at Hever Castle.

It will be hosted by Dame Kelly Holmes who apart from being a “local” hero is one of our great Olympian’s in what is an exciting Olympic year.

So we thought we had to contibute something equally “Olympic”… We have called it “Eat Like a King”… well almost!

In true “covert” nature we have supplied a special item for the “Hospice” to auction at the dinner, but are not revealing all the details!

Yours truly will happily provide and cook a special four course meal of local produce to the highest bidder at your own location (Anywhere in the South East of England) on a future date to be confirmed.

What makes this special is Hari Covert will not be cooking this dinner alone but will be joined by someone rather special who like himself will have to also remain “covert” due to the nature of who they work for!

The only clue I can give is you could “Eat like a King” … well almost, if their boss found out he would be all ears…!

We are taking bids prior to the event that will be forwarded to the organiser at the Hospice (if you are not attending) so please do complete the following form by 5pm on Friday 17th February 2012.


Terms & Conditions

1: Forms submitted after the prescribed time and date will not count.

2: All details will be sent to the Hospice in order for them to contact you to verify your bid.

3: If your bid is successful you will be notified after the event on February 24th.

4: You may only bid once using this form. If you should send more than one bid then the highest amount only will count.

5: If you are attending the Torchlight Dinner on the night and also bid at the event then the highest bid you make will be the one that counts.

6: All proceeds are being donated to the Hospice in the Weald and your dinner will be subject to certain conditions that will be explained to you once your bid has been successful.

7: You agree to these terms & conditions in the above form.