Lost in translation…

I like a Facebook profile of a favourite cafe in the centre of Perpignan… they post their daily “Plat du Jour” menu once a week and today’s amused me when I requested a bing translation… just for the record I can read French and somehow the English translation does not excite the old palette quite as much!

Voici les plats proposés dans les prochains jours dans notre Espace gourmand de Perpignan :
Lundi : légumes farcis façon Espi
Mardi : brochette de dinde sauce curry accompagnée de spaghetti
Mercredi : joue de porc confite, carottes au gingembre et pommes de terre
Jeudi: pour la journée du printemps, filet de caille, émulsion fruits de la passion
Vendredi : seiches en persillade, escalivade
Samedi : le faux filet et ses pommes de terre
The translation  (via bing)
Here are the dishes offered in the next few days in our greedy space of
Perpignan:  (the greedy space makes them French sound a shade  suspect… well then again)
Monday: Stuffed vegetables how Espi (should be stuffed in the house style)
Tuesday: Skewer of Turkey, curry sauce with spaghetti
Wednesday: Plays candied pork, carrots with ginger and potatoes (should be Braised Pork Cheeks)
Thursday: The spring day, net of quail, emulsion passion fruit (should be for a Spring day, fillets of quail with a passion fruit sauce)
Friday: Cuttlefish in persillade, alioli
Saturday: the false NET and potatoes (Faux fillet is a rib eye beef steak)
Oh well it made me smile… now better get back to my prep for this weekends dinners!