Will it be a neigh…that’s the question?

We have been asked recently if we would ever consider cooking horsemeat…

Well… I have eaten and cooked this meat when I lived in Germany and Switzerland and I also can readily purchase the meat in France. So the conundrum now is whether to serve it to my diners at one of our dinners.

We thought what better way to find out is to put it to the vote. So please feel free to add your comments to our voting poll.


2 thoughts on “Will it be a neigh…that’s the question?”

  1. Horse is lovely meat, full of Iron and succulent.

    Better for you than most other meats as it is more lean.

    Horse is also a very versatile meat and can be done in a myriad of ways.


  2. Poor Boxer sent to the knackers yard by those ghastly Pigs! Wonder what he tasted like, Daube de Boeuf would be one to follow? Daube de Cheval peut etre? 🙂


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