The results are in… who got past the post first…

Well we asked the question should we serve Horse meat at a future “Hari Covert” dinner and we can now reveal the result!

I have to say I was quite surprised and thought there would be much more vehement comment and derision of my question but I can reveal the following

Yes – you would love to try horse 61%

No – way thank you 36% 

Might do – but would rather not know it’s horse 13%

So almost two thirds have said they would like to eat horse. It has also been suggested to me that perhaps the theme of this dinner should be challenging your food phobias! Maybe we should kick the meal off with frogs legs or snails? Anyway I think we will explore a future dinner that will showcase this meat.

For those of you wondering what it tastes like I would describe it akin to a gamey beef and it is very lean and healthy as a red meat for you.

All I have to do now is find a source… looks like a day trip to France will be required and a visit to a “Boucherie Chevaline”!

Watch this space…