The Tower Dinner… your last chance so be quick…

Well we are just a few hours away from the chance to take “Underground Dining” to new heights.

You have until just 12 Midnight on Saturday June 2nd  to make your online donations. Thereafter the only way to get your name in the “Virtual Hat” will be to make a direct donation at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations on Sunday June 3rd at the Yalding Lees.

This has been a mammoth task in terms of planning and permissions. In fact when I first approached the charity I am supporting in this endeavour over a year ago it was met with some scepticism as to if we could achieve it. We have had to jump through hoops and work hard to convince so many that the intentions to help raise the profile of this worthwhile charity and have a fun night in the process is all we are trying to do!

This will be a “once only” chance to dine on the roof of this charming village church. It will not happen again as I have possibly aged somewhat in this process!

We still need you to donate as the target is not yet in sight! So please go to my online donation page… please do donate what you can and your name will then be placed in that hat.

Thanks to all those who have already embraced the event. I know the YCPS are very grateful for your support and hope this has fired your imagination to continue support them in their future fundraising! I know we aim to, but just not on the church roof!


Hari Covert
covert by name, covert by nature

P.S. Spaces still available for our Hot little Sizzler on June 16th – go to our Book Now page to reserve your place!