The Goudhurst Inn… a review

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Well following on from a very busy week I had the opportunity of a lads night out and as the designated driver we did not want to wander too far but just far enough for somewhere we could get a good glass of ale and a tempting nibble.

I had heard good things about a refurbished hostelry called The Goudhurst Inn on the outskirts of the village. It was a warm summers night and I had been out and about all day so in need of some relaxing conversation and something tasty to whet the appetite….

With the fellow gents we headed up to the TGI and we have to say it was a very pleasing hostelry with a cheery welcome and a delightful relaxed atmosphere.

It was a Wednesday night and it seemed quite busy as we supped our assorted ales. We then chose some rather tempting dishes. The final offerings of this years local English asparagus came with a crispy fried egg and a homemade scotch egg with its own little jar of piccalli were a couple of the starters we sampled whilst we then tucked in to a half pint of shell on prawns and a pair of fish cakes served with a good sized dollop of tartar sauce and some jolly good crispy chips.

A chicken liver pate also came served in its own little kilner jar and some generous hunks of toast. Overall it was simple food well executed and filled a good need for what otherwise would have been a rather dull weekday night – it suddenly became allot more convivial.

I have to say I look forward to another boys night out as I think we have found somewhere we will be happy to frequent again!

Look out for the grumpy old men chewing the fat in the corner!!!


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    1. Last trip out was Pollen Street Social in London and awesome… I presume you are referring to Rocksalt? Not in a hurry to go back there…Just opened bookings for September dinners with Mr But so get in quick if you fancy a decent Chinese Meal!


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