October Feast… Hari Fest a report…

We had a very busy weekend with a full house on both nights for our last couple of Hari nights which we loosely named “October Feast”… in fact it was an interesting couple of nights as we decided to do something a little different. Firstly we did a simpler menu, with a choice of dishes for each of the three courses, and then we also did it a little cheaper than our normal donation as it was all a little bit simpler.

Crab Cake…

It all seemed to go down well and what was interesting was the fact that we had  a high proportion of new guests and quite a few parties of two who were forced to share tables. We have tried all sorts of table configurations with our guests… separate tables, a single large one, but what now seems to work best for us is two large tables of six.

It is also quite interesting to find each night is very different with a differing dynamic at the dinners. This time the Friday night we had mostly two’s which meant there was a more rowdy feel to the room whilst the Saturday had one larger party who had their own table and then the other table of four and two seemed to all get on like a house on fire.

We are always fascinated to see how our guests get on and enjoy the experience. We have had some admit to us they were so nervous about where they were coming to etc,

Moodley’s Braised Beef Steak

they drove past the day before to just check us out. Others have said they love the whole mystery of coming out for a meal not knowing whether they will like the food, company etc, to find themselves going home having made new friends and eaten food they would never have dreamt of eating!

We like to try and slightly challenge our guests to try something new and for many they might find it a big ask but this is all part of the fun. Our recent Chinese nights were for one party a big eye-opener as they admitted to me afterwards they were not normally keen on Chinese but we had converted them… then we had one guest admit at a dinner he did not normally eat pork but he loved the main course that was pork done three different ways!

Panga Fish Fillets with caper & lemon butter sauce

The best way to enjoy a secret supper is to enter into the spirit of the evening… be open minded about the food, company and the whole event and you will have some real fun. One guest at the last dinners even admitted realising my name was not Hari Covert had dreamt up a complete new persona for herself and was thinking of becoming a high class hooker for the night making out her husband, who she thoughtfully was dining with, was her pimp. It caused much mirth and merriment amongst her fellow diners on the table when she admitted it had been her plan but she ended up just being “plain Jane from Tonbridge” (not her real name or abode).

For us it never ceases to amaze us how guests gel and my side kick commonly known as  “the hands” is oft confused as my wife but has been a friend, former neighbour and work colleague over a great many years, she seems to relish meeting each new and returning guest.

She perfectly seems to put those nervous ones at ease and make them relax whilst the

Cheese Selection

more boisterous and cheeky guests (you know who you are “Terry”) are dealt with aplomb and wit. Her normal day job would make many a toe curl as she works with much of societies detritus in a secure environment and has many a tale to tell that certainly keeps me in stitches… she will take no prisoners…so be warned!

So yet another couple of dinners, are complete and, as is now our policy, to open bookings the day after completing that months dinners. We posted on the next day our November In Vino Veritas dinners and booking form and by the Monday morning we have had 40 people clambering for just 24 places – a first for us and a very humbling thought that there are so many wanting to sample what we offer.

Iced Strawberry Parfait with warm shortbread

We have also been thinking hard about what our plans will be for 2013 and we have just the December dinners to now put the final touches to.

There is much planning go on behind the scenes as we have also been helping a local business open a “pop up” shop for the Xmas period – more on that soon  and we are also hoping to announce something a bit different for the Xmas period that might appeal to some of you out there keen to become better cooks. More on this soon.

If you have never tried a supper club then give them a go… they are fun, different and a real social challenge for those that are a bit shy but we think we will convert you. Check out the following site for more information on where to find them and remember if you want to book Hari you will need to be quick when the booking opens (or ask us about your own exclusive night here at HQ or even in your own home).

Just remember to be open minded and you will find the experience will be rewarding and


different and not like your normal dining out adventure.

We hope to see you soon…

Hari Covert

covert by name, covert by nature.


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  1. Hari, we had such a wonderful time at the October Feast. The food was incredible! If you have never experienced a meal with Hari, it’s a must! Can you imagine a lovely setting and your chef creating your meal near enough you could watch? Each part of the experience is exceptional.
    Thank you Hari. M Hughes


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