Shh… Covert Cookery lessons – it’s fun with fish now…

Well next in our series of covert cookery lessons we thought we would do something with a product oft maligned and feared by the cook.

We thought the use of fish would whet the appetite and would also give you budding chefs chance to hone some more of those knife skills with the following planned itinerary

09:30 am – Arrival and greeting with coffee/tea & biscuits

The following Lunch Menu served at circa 12:30pm will be

Tassette “Lady Mariniere”

– a small cup of a delicate prawn, saffron & Pernod soup

● ● ●

Fillets of fish “en papillote”

– the prepared fillets of fish steamed in a paper bag served

with a classic butter sauce.

New Potatoes

● ● ●

Apple Tart Tatin

– classic upside down glazed apple tarts served with a dollop of creme fraiche

● ● ●

The lesson will include the following:-

●  Filleting the fish – how to fillet both a flat & round fish

●  Making a simple fish stock

●  Chopping vegetables for the soup and making the soup

●  Making a tart tatin.

There are 2 spaces per lesson and so it will be very much “hands on” one to one tuition and could ideally suit a novice or nervous cook as well as those more competent looking to hone their skills. (Please advise your level on the booking form so we can balance the classes)

Recipe Sheets and Hari Covert Apron will be included to take away at the end of the day.

Suggested Donation per person £75 including the lunch – please bring your own wine if you so wish. Water provided.

Proposed Dates are as follows 12th, 13th, 26th or 27th February 2013

To Book your places then please complete the following form.

We will contact you within 24-48 hours to confirm your place with a credit card number.