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As you know I am a bit of a fan of Pop Ups… I Pop Up as a restaurant once a month normally for two nights and then we have seen our local food hero Damian Allsop who makes those gorgeous water ganache chocolates opening a Pop Up shop in Tunbridge Wells at the end of last year in time to sell his wares for Christmas. (Back again soon for Valentines Day & Easter)

This Saturday 26th January 2013 sees the opening of a “Pop Up” with a difference! It is for “One Day” and is an initiative that is the result of the collaboration of the local RIBA Branch, 15 local architects and the help of branding guru Mike Goode of Hop House DesignFlyer SoCAD

Why my interest – well firstly I am intrigued to see what the public reaction will be like with this chance to perhaps influence the local development of Tunbridge Wells with some new and innovative ideas. Check out their FaceBook page for full details of what is going on..

I am also keen to give my support to a local architects ARC-ml who I have got to know through some involvement with a big East London project they have been master planning for their clients. Much discussion has gone on about the value of a Pop Up and their engagement with the community and this is yet another example of such.

There has already been some very imaginative ideas with local blogger Chris at AnkeTW. He posted an idea as Tunbridge Wells being a Spa town should perhaps have a new water feature! The giant tap idea he posted recently on his blog is inspired. It would be a real talking point and great tourist attraction.

I have a few ideas myself. With many vacant retail properties in our town centres now how about this as an idea. You firstly somehow insist with all vacant properties landlords that the window frontages are blocked off with a cheap and cheerful covering and then you get some chosen local artists using window paints to draw/paint a “water” inspired theme on the outside of the windows. This could keep the Spa theme going throughout the town and illustrate well the heritage of the town.

There could and should be a bevy of local artists asked to be town illustrators/artists for say a year and as soon as a property is vacant the window covered and the artist let loose. Once re let the window is cleaned off for the new tenants.

My little village in France where we have a holiday home has a local artist who is often employed by the local shops and businesses to decorate their shop windows with a Dragon inspired picture (look at the Decors Vitrines under the Commandes Section)  as there is a local story about a dragon “Babau”, she will even theme them especially at certain festival times… e.g Christmas, Easter etc!

Just imagine the fun you could have with the vacant properties in not just Tunbridge Wells but any town with vacant shops.

Do pop along on Saturday if you have some ideas it could be your chance to create a difference!


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    1. Thanks Sarah…A simple idea that could work and be fun for all the community! Bit like the idea of covering the scaffolding outside buildings with a facsimile of the same building!


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