Nur für eine Nacht…

Well we will be opening for one night only in November as Mrs HC has managed to double book us with us off to see Cabaret at the Assembly Hall in Tunbrdige Wells with the cabaretinfamous Will Young in the Emcee role on the Saturday night!

So in homage to the Berlin set musical I thought a German theme would be fitting to get us into the mood for our Saturday night excursion. We thought also as we are fast approaching the festive season and the expense of it all we would try and do this “one night only” event a little cheaper as we will only serve three courses.

With a welcome Glühwein and simple nibbles we will kick the meal off with a heart warming Goulasch Suppen, a beef based soup of paprika and diced vegetables will be a heart warming start.

We will then do a traditional Sauerkraut as the main course. The pickled preserved cabbage will be served with classic smoked sausage, Smoked ham and Speck simply served with some boiled potatoes and assorted mustards.

To complete the meal we will serve something inspired by those lovely German spiced Christmas biscuits known as “Spekulatius” – a light Tiramisu inspired dessert with Quark, Mascarpone  and raspberries will provide a lighter finish to this meal, our normal glass of Muscat de Rivesaltes will go well with this pudding.

With coffee we will serve some simple petit fours. So Wilkommen one and all… Nur für eine Nacht…

Arrival 7:30pm: Glühwein & Nibbles

Dinner 8:00pm:

Suggested Donation £30 per person – Service not included


Echte Goulasch Suppe


Sauerkraut mit Speck, Schinken und Wurstchen, Salz Kartoffeln 


Spekulatius Tiramisu


Kaffee und Petit Fours

Menu subject to Market Purchases and Ingredient Availability

Please make sure you book as early as possible to secure the desired number of places. Just complete the form below. We will normally contact you within 48 hours to confirm your booking with a credit card number.