Give me a break…(then again I would rather not)

To be honest with you all this last year has been a bit of a pain…Firstly in June 2018 my broken femur that took until February/March 2019 to heal fully. Then following the “Take 6 Chefs” Charity Dinner that I was helping to organise I managed to stumble over my dishwasher door. I managed to crack my Greater Trochanter and as the A&E triage nurse explained I had just badly sprained my wrist.

Then some 5 weeks later with the wrist still hurting and giving me gyp my GP proposed I get it looked at again. So following an X-ray (which was never done initially) I was shocked to discover that I had in fact broken my wrist and it had already healed and so past having any form of plaster cast or treatment other than Physio.

So this commenced and it slowly began to get a bit better until following in early August after completing a weeks work up in the highlands of Scotland on a cooking gig I returned home and on the very next day following a private function for a regular customer I managed to stumble again and put my arms out (a natural reaction) to break my fall and promptly fractured my wrist for a second time – Doh!!!

So a fetching bright red plaster has been on my wrist for the past month and I am pleased to report following a visit to yet another fracture clinic today it has been removed and I have been given the all clear to resume physio.


So all this trauma over the past year I trust is well behind me now and it has given me the chance to think about some potential dinners over the next couple of months so do watch this space….

Coming soon will be menus and formats for October & November dates…