Hari to Go…our exclusive takeaway service

Sorry Sold Out 

Well what a year it has been so far!!! Having spent the first month of the year travelling to Australia and Asia we then returned to be forced into a Lockdown with this Covid-19 Pandemic…

We have spent the past few months working hard to feed our vulnerable neighbours on a weekly basis with a basic and simple dinner and also extended this to then provide freshly cooked pastries on a Sunday morning to supplying our local Post Office three days a week to then baking a range of breads for our community. We have got through circa 100Kg of assorted flours, countless croissants and other Viennoiserie in the past few months and still going strong.

As the lockdown eases and no idea when the restrictions will lessen sufficiently to operate normally we felt some of our loyal local customers might fancy getting a Hari Covert Dinner fix via our “Tiffin Boxes”. We have a capacity of just fourteen meals as we only have seven boxes currently. The idea is I will publish the menu a week or so before and you book how many you require (ideally in blocks of two) we then will give you a time slot to come and collect. We request return of the Tiffin Box on a Sunday morning as we then need them for our vulnerable neighbours later in the week but you can collect a couple of croissants at the same time as part of the deal.

We will start as of Saturday 27th June with the following menu…

Sorry Sold Out 

Homemade Chicken & Herb Terrine with a Green Bean Chutney

Freshly baked Onion Beer Bread Rolls


Baked Whitefish Fillet crusted with a fresh parsley mousse

served on a Butter Bean & Chorizo Stew


Raspberry Millefeuille with a pastry cream filling & a raspberry coulis

We will also throw in a couple of free bottles of (187ml) wines for you to have as an aperitif or drink with the dinner – We will also levy an extra £10 as a deposit for the Tiffin Box that will be refunded when the box is returned on the Sunday morning when you can also pick up a couple of freshly baked large butter croissants to have for your breakfast.

We will charge just £50 for two dinners inclusive of the £10 refundable deposit. Payment can be made with Debit or Credit Card via a secure on line payment link and once the Tiffin Box is returned we will refund the £10 deposit.

Full intructions on how to serve your meal will be provided and sent via a WhatsApp text message and we will ask you to post and tag us with a photo of how you serve your “Hari to Go” dinner via a social media platform (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) to then be judged by Mrs HC to qualify as a winning post to be granted 10% discount off your next Hari to Go dinner for two … Win Win all round

The beauty of the use of the Tiffin Box (for 2) is that it is minimising disposable package it is dishwasher safe to wash and ensures safe transportation for you. Why not give it a go and partake in a Hari to Go Supper in the comfort of your own home.

Please book your dinner below and we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order along with the secure payment link


Hari Covert