A Taste of Catalonia – Hari to Go or Hari Alfresco

Our next events will take place on Friday 14th August for Hari to Go and Saturday 15th August for Hari Alfresco.

We will be off to Southern France/ Northern Mediterranean Spain to a region known as Catalonia. We love the area and once owned a house in the region in the village of Rivesaltes, Nr to Perpignan and a couple of hours north of Barcelona.

To celebrate the region we are proposing the following meal to highlight some of regions famous foods and my fond memories of the region.

For the Hari to Go/Alfresco menu it will be as follows

Boquerones y Pimenton Roja


Boules de Picoulat, Polenta & Haricot Verts


“Damian Allsops” Water Chocolate Mousse

(Menu Subject to Market Purchases and Ingredient Availabilty)
Taste of Catalonia…

To start we will serve up marinated Anchovy Fillets famed in the area with Roasted Red Peppers on a Crispy Toast – a bit of a version of a Pan Catalan or Toastada. Anchovies are synonymous with the region especially the white version known as Bouquerones marinated in Olive oil and garlic eaten as a tapas.

We will serve them as an interlocking striped pattern with roasted red peppers and a sourdough toast. Bathed with olive oil it makes a nice light delicate starter perfect for a summers evening. They are very different anchovies to the tinned salty ones.

The main course is basically a peasant style dish of pork & beef meat balls in a piquant tomato sauce, It is a classic dish of the region and can be found in every traiteur or butchers that is made using a mix of Pork and Beef that is also mixed with chopped green olives.

The tomato sauce is packed with flavour that then mopped up by the polenta – ground maize cooked with Butter, Milk & Grated Parmesan Cheese. Vegetables will be Haricot Verts. (my signature dish 😉)

Water Chocolate Mousse

To finish we head over to the city of Girona as I will serve a chocolate mousse made with water!

The chocolate I will use will be Cacao Barry Tanzanie 75% Chocolate. Inspired by Damian Allsop who is a British born chocolatier that was formerly based locally in Tunbridge Wells. About 5 years ago he  moved back to Girona in Spain. He re-joined the Roca family to make chocolates for their three Michelin star restaurant and then earlier this year following a three year refurbishment he has been involved with the opening of Hotel Casa Cacao the Roca’s latest venture of a boutique hotel and chocolate factory in the centre of Girona.

The recipe I use is his for this water based chocolate mousse that uses Agar Agar in the process (Seaweed)

He has perfected the making of chocolate ganache’s with water. Ensuring the true flavour of the chocolate used shines through as the use of cream deadens the flavour profiles of the chocolate. The chocolate I will be using is part of the Origine Range for Cacao Barry

We will also include a small bottle of wine with your takeaway and those with the Tiffin boxes will qualify for 2 fresh butter croissants the next day when you return them. Numbers are limited so please do book early.

For the Hari Alfresco event on the Saturday evening we will serve the same meal on our garden decking to exclusively eight guests on tables of two or four in a socially distanced manner. There will be the addition of a welcome drink and nibbles and then we will also serve a cheese course after the main course before finally serving coffee and petit fours to all.

Hari to Go will be £20 per person plus a £10 refundable deposit for the Tiffin Box

Hari Alfresco will be £35 per person

Please reserve your choice below and it will only be confirmed once you have made your payment by a secure online payment link.