Day Courses

cropped-hari-printemps-001.jpgThe following are the type of Cook School Courses we can offer and they can be tailored for your own specific needs.

Come as a group of four or with a friend or if you prefer a one to one experience that can be a full on session. The choice is yours…

We can also subject to the facilities in your own kitchen bring the lesson to you.

For a free consultation and discussion on your “Cook School” experience please just complete the form below

Covert Cookery Demonstration with Lunch
Time: 10am to 2pm

We ask attendees to arrive for 09:45  for a welcome coffee and introductions. Following the mornings Demo it will be time for a relaxing and sociable Lunch served to all.

There is space for 4 persons to attend and they will watch Hari cook a series of dishes that will then be served for the lunch afterwards. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and become as involved as you so wish. In fact we encourage it!

Recipe sheets for the dishes cooked at each session will be provided to take home afterwards.

Price Per Person £65 incl Lunch


Hands on Cooking Class with Lunch
Time: 10am to 2pm

These classes are suitable for two persons – they will start at 10:00am and again will also be followed by a two course lunch of what you have been preparing.

The plan is you will learn specific skills with each dish you prepare. It will be a great way to learn first hand, along with lots of tips to ensure you can then replicate at home. We will happily take absolute beginners or someone with more advanced skills… you just need to let us know your level so we can tailor the class to suit you.

Price per person £90.00 incl Lunch


Covert “One to One” Tuition Class
Time: 10:00 am to 1pm, 1pm to 4pm or 10:00 to 4pm

This class is designed for the cook who wants Hari’s undivided attention – it will be a one on one lesson and is a great way to learn specific skills.

The class will be tailored to fit each individual’s requirements. It could suit an absolute beginner or someone more confident who wants to widen their repertoire of dishes. You the attendee will call the shots.

The results of your labours will be given to you to take home once you have finished. The class can be either a morning or afternoon session alternatively it could be a full day session.

Price: Half day £105 or Whole Day £190


Please complete the form below to book one of the above classes or arrange a One to One class.

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