Winner takes it all…

Well we have had a very generous bunch of people donate an amazing £498.00 and the 28 names have all been placed in the “Sparkly Hat” – it really was one – a previous gift from Rod Stephens the creator and director of Björn Again to my daughter… I thought it was only fitting it should hold all the names.

Since late November last year when I had asked Rod to let me bring 4 VIP guests to see the show and the payback would be I would feed them and their guests I have worked hard to get the message across that this is a very unique “money cant buy” package.

So on Friday 25th March the winner and their guests will firstly check into their overnight accommodation courtesy of the Ramada Jarvis Hotel at Pembury. Then they will be asked to get down to the Assembly Hall in central Tundbridge Wells by circa 4pm where they will get introduced to the cast and crew and be given the chance to watch the sound check and see the backstage paraphernalia that goes into the production of this show.

At 5pm along with the cast and crew they will all sit down with our prize winner and be fed by yours truly… it will be a simple meal that hopefully not weigh too heavy on them as they will in a couple of hours be strutting their stuff on stage and entertaining a capacity house!

The cast and crew are a very friendly bunch eager to ensure you will get the most out of your evening and there will be no pressure to have two of you appear on stage but well it is a rare chance to hear the applause, appreciation and adulation after they complete their show…

You will then go back to spend your complimentary night at the Ramada Jarvis Pembury whilst the crew and cast break down their rig and then bed down for the night on their tour bus before they then head off to their next show in Bath on the Saturday night!

So I guess you all want to know who the winner is well…

The winner who takes it all is…..

the draw @ the Hospice in the Weald with the sparkly hat...





Hari Covert

Thank you for all your support…

Battle of the Ice Creams…

Well this was a different type of “Ice Cream Wars” afoot at Taywell Ice Creams as we judged what have been dubbed the “Seven Wonders of Taywell”!!!

The flavours we were asked to pass comment upon were as follows

Sorbets :

Blood Orange & Campari

Red Bull & Vodka

Ice Creams :


Coffee & Tia Maria

Strawberry & Mascarpone

Damson & Sloe Gin

Jack Daniels

Well the competition was very close and I can now announce the one with the most 3 stars awarded and gets the “Twuddle” seal of approval was… Strawberry & Mascarpone… in fact next was the Coffee & Tia Maria and also with this the Liquorice. The Liquorice slightly ahead if you take into account the question would you buy it… 18 said yes against 16 for the Coffee one.

The Blood Orange and Campari was voted best sorbet of the night with 10 “3 stars” votes and then 8 “2 stars” and 17 votes to purchase. The least favourite of the tasting was the Red Bull and Vodka with a resounding 15 stating they would not purchase against 7 who would… they were not surprising the younger faction of the tasters.

The comments ranged from “Fruity & Refreshing” to “not too sweet, liked the bitterness of the Campari” for the winning sorbet whilst for the Red Bull & Vodka ranged from “Too sweet”, “Bubble Gum like” and “Ew! Sickly” to “This one is fun” and a “Nice Kick to it”, overall though it was felt not our taste.

With the Ice Creams we had a wide range of comments. Firstly the winning flavour had comments like “Lovely creamy flavour”, “Delicious”, “Everything screams “EAT ME”!” and simply put “Amazing”

The Coffee & Tia Maria raised some debate that whilst it had “Lovely strong coffee flavour”, “Om Nom” (not sure what this meant?) and “Really like it but can’t taste enough Tia Maria” it was felt the addition of some coffee grounds could provide a textural interest to a very creamy ice cream. One person suggested the addition of sponge finger pieces and you would have an amazing Tiramisu Ice cream.

It was however the Liquorice that provided the biggest debate and I believe surprise for Alastair. The comments ranged from “I normally hate liquorice but that is gorgeous, “fantastic idea, delicious” to a fair few stating simply “Love It”. One comment summed it up “made Liquorice bearable” and “don’t like Liquorice normally”

It was for me the most interesting and surprising of the night as it really did bring back some childhood memories of Sherbet Fountains and Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts!!!

The Damson and Sloe Gin was also well received and felt to be amazingly “fruity” and “creamy”. In fact was one person’s outright favourite. We have photographic evidence he licked the plate clean!!!

The Jack Daniels for some strange reason was forgotten off the tasting sheets so perhaps did not get a true appraisal, so my apologies. Overall we gave them all a good test and I am sure we would all be up for a return visit if needed to!!!

So to recap with the “Seven Wonders of Taywell”

Twuddle Seal of Approval Strawberry and Mascarpone

Highly RecommendedLiquorice… and then Coffee & Tia Maria

(Amazingly both similar colours)

Best SorbetBlood Orange & Campari


Hari Covert

Marmite Ice Cream… a flavour to far?