Recipes & More…

Recipes and other related food stuff…

We are often asked can we supply the recipe to a dish… well we thought why not anything to encourage you foodies out there to give it a go and develop those culinary skills.

April 2018… Damian Allsop “Water Chocolate Mousse” to mark the return of Scoff Quaff food and drink radio show and our first show dedicated to chocolate. This recipe is a great way to appreciate the finest quality of chocolate and for those dairy intolerant it is dairy free!

October 2012… Iced Strawberry Parfait with warm Shortbread Biscuits… this was the dessert as served at our October Feast – Hari Fest

September 2012… We thought another recipe in honour of Chef But’s More Chinese Memories would be welcomed… the Sesame Prawn Toasts… Not difficult to make and they make an ideal snack or starter.

August 2012…. It has been a year since Chef But was cooking his first Chinese Banquet with us … he returns in September to cook another couple of special banquets including a Bang Bang Chicken Salad… a great dish that is a easy for a home cook to replicate!

July 2012… The Double Baked Cheese soufflé as prepared at the Winterdale Shaw dinner and at a recent masterclass at a local school. Check it out here

June 2012… We are often asked how we make our porridge oat biscuits that go with the cheeses we often serve… well we had to sort out a recipe for a Masterclass yours truly will be giving at the end of this month so thought we would share it Porridge Biscuits

March 2012… The first course at our March Munchies dinner was a Wild Garlic Panna Cotta… this was a real hit and not as difficult to make as you may think…have a go as the Wild Garlic is all about at the moment!

January 2012…Following our Veggie Feast Fest at the Olive Stores Brenchley – The Moodley’s Beer Bread we served was a big hit… A really easy simple bread that is a big hit in our household!

April 2011Pressed Leek Terrine Recipe as used at our Right Royal Feast dinner

We know the Festive season has now passed but just pre Christmas the Tunbridge Wells Twuddle group held a Festive Bake-off… We provided some prizes for the winners of each catergory and whilst hotly contested the outright winner was Fiona Mills – more commonly known as @Nooodlydooodly…. Her winning recipe can be found here

We recently did a demonstration at Yalding Gardens Christmas Fair so thought why not give you the recipes  to the dishes we showcased. They were three dishes on what to do with your Christmas leftovers. The demonstrations went well and were pretty well attended despite the cold weather and being housed in a chilly tent!!! Oh what we have to do to further the culinary art! Check them out here YG recipe sheet – nov2010

At our November dinners we served  Braised Pigs Cheeks as part of the main course so thought we would share the recipe on how we cooked them… A great winter stew dish so do give it a try Braised Pigs Cheeks

We will also post we hope some interesting links and items about some of the products we will be using at future dinners or have come across. So do keep watching this space for the latest.


Hari Covert


2 thoughts on “Recipes & More…

    1. Hi Paul
      Not got round to that one yet… The dinner when I served it I had poached the piece of belly very very slowly for a couple of hours in some scented lard(some star anise and peppercorns) I then took it out of the lard and pressed it till cold and portioned it up and then quickly finished it by hot roasting it till it crisped up. The key is very low heat in poaching for a good few hours and then quick high heat roasting!!! Good Luck let me know how it goes!


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