“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklin

Well now this will be the start of a few posts on the subject as we are planning some upcoming events that will feature the “Nectar of Gods” as some like to call it… I have been experimenting today as I found a rather simple recipe on the net for a bread incorporating Beer!

I was recently having a look round a Kentish Brewery by the name of Moodley’s – based on a farm near to Penshurst they are a micro (small) brewery that produce a range of bottle conditioned ales. More about them on some later posts but suffice to say I had a bottle of each of their current beers to try. I had a bit of their Toad Bitter left so thought I would try the following recipe!

It was a very simple one and I have to say the end result was a big hit.

Beer Bread…

375g of Self Raising Flour

3 tablespoons of Caster Sugar

330ml of the chosen beer

Mixed together as a batter and poured into a very well-greased bread tin produced one rather crusty sweet and yeast smelling loaf with a good crust after 45 minutes baking!

The beer I used as I said was the dregs of two beers I had been tasting – predominately Toad Rock Bitter and then a splash of Penshurst Pleasure both from Moodley’s Brewery. The dregs of the Pantiles Porter will now end up in a Chocolate Porter cake I am planning to make next but I will be paying the brewery another visit to restock supplies just as soon as I can… you should check them out as they are really all rather something special and they have quite a story to tell and worthy of wider recognition to a discerning public…

We will be doing our bit on that but more about that… a little bit later