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Kym’s Restaurant, London – a review…

For those of you that know me well will already know I am a big fan of Chinese food and have long loved the diversity and subtleness of this style of cuisine.

We have done a few special dinners with my friend Kam Po But who for many years was the Executive Chef at Ken Lo’s Memories of China.  A couple of years I was introduced to Mr Andrew Wong the chef patron of A.Wong in Victoria (just down Wilton Road beside the station) It was a mind blowing lunch hosted by Ken Hom and I have tried many times to go back to sample what is now deemed to be Michelin star worthy.

I recently had a meeting planned in London with a group of chefs to discuss an upcoming Pop Up in aid of charity that is planned for May 2019 but due to assorted reasons there was only one chef available to make the meeting so we decided to go and try Mr Wong’s new place in the city.

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Kym’s Restaurant is located in the Bloomberg Arcade just across the road from Cannon Street station so for me still hobbling on crutches it was an easy journey.

I met with another chef who was also keen to sample what this place had to offer as there had been some magnificent reviews since opening just 4 weeks previously. I had heard good things from several sources and seen some stunning food pictures on my Instagram feed from assorted trusted diners so had high expectations for my visit.

We arrived just after 1:30 pm a little earlier than we had booked as we were hungry. Greeted at the door we were welcomed by a charming hostess who informed us the table was ready so off we set and sat down literally in front of an open plan kitchen area. Menu place mats got the old gastric juices flowing as we sat trying to decide what to sample. Andrew Wong’s statement centre and proud states they focus on the “Ancient craft of Chinese roasting and on the assorted regions of China”

Well choice was hard and my fellow chef colleague stated he could have eaten the whole menu “but that was just being greedy” Friendly service staff suggested we pick 3-4 dishes from the Small Plates section one from the “Share Section” and one from the “Classics” plus a “Side” and a “Fritter”… what was then fatal was another staff member walked past as we were giving our order with another table order- a “skewer” dish of Tiger Prawns that we decided we also had to try so added this last minute.

So as we sat back with a small carafe of white wine from Crete we soaked up the atmosphere and buzz of a busy bustling restaurant that seemed to have found its feet very quickly.

First dish to arrive was a side of Pickled Daikon… pale yellow in colour decoratively arranged on the plate with a dribble of what was a fiery chilli oil… perfect palate tantaliser! Then almost immediately followed by Pork & Shrimp Bao Bao… a dish reminiscent of “Spanish Eggs” as the light as a feather filled dumplings were surrounded by soft yolked fried eggs and Pat Chun sweetened black rice vinegar and chilli all served in a sizzling skillet pan. An amazing dish.

Next to arrive was what was described as Lemongrass Salad – some skewered little gem leaves of lettuce with thin crispy fried skins and a zingy lime chilly crispy shallot dressing that truly enlivened the taste buds – It not only looked stylish but tasted divine.

Then came our Tiger Prawn skewers that were encased in what seemed like crispy rice coating and a sweet chilli dipping sauce, good meaty and sweet tasting prawns. The small plate bowl of Lotus Root Chips were a revelation of crispy distinctive looking crisps that were coated in a sticky fermented chilli bean, honey sauce that seemed to conclude the first half of our order.

We then moved onto the much lauded French Beans Fritters encased in a light ethereal batter of such delicacy then with the addition of chilli, spring onion and black pepper a nod to Salt & Pepper spiced dishes nestling in its crumpled grease proof paper base.

We could not omit a classic roast pork Char Sui made with delicate and tender Iberico Pork as this came with a Honey and Soy dip for added flavour punch.  With this we then had the  Sichuanese Spiced Aubergine that was totally melt in the mouth.

We then felt we should then sample a dessert or two, or three… they have a choice of three and to be honest as luck would have it they had sold out of one of them… The Sunny Egg Tart!

We therefore just had to try the other two on offer The Hong Kong Bun with Custard and the Raspberry Sorbet with a White Chocolate Strong Cloud. Of the two we liked the raspberry sorbet best with the warm white chocolate and the cold sorbet married beautifully.

This was a very accomplished meal for a restaurant so fresh on the scene and the staff were really friendly and engaging. I would love to try the Sunday Brunch as this is a way to sample a good proportion of the menu along with limitless wine (for 2 hours) – what better way to spend a Sunday.  Go try it I urge you…


A Wong with Hom…

Now that heading sounds a bit weird I know but all will be revealed…

I am for my sins a graduate from what is now Oxford Brookes School of Hospitality Management (Was Oxford Polytechnic in my days!) at Oxford Brookes University.

I am also actively involved with their Alumni Association and get to go to assorted functions and events their Oxford Gastronomica organise throughout the year.

Well recently one of their esteemed ambassadors was in the UK for Chinese New Year and he was hosting a luncheon at A Wong a much lauded and on trend Chinese eaterie in Wilton Street Nr Victoria Station London. Ken Hom was in town and well I needed little persuasion to book my place at a lunch he was hosting at Andrew Wong’s gaffe!

It was quite an intimate affair with some two dozen diners ensconced in the basement bar of this restaurant. An introduction to the proceedings by head of School Donald Sloan was followed by a few words from Chef Patron Andrew Wong who informed us we were lucky to have him there as he wife was scheduled to have her baby that very day but in fact ended up having their baby on Christmas Day!

Any way we settled down to a real feast with firstly some Dim Sum style starters appeared –  Sui Mai and Har Gau as steamed dumplings. Then a plate of crispy prawn filled Wan Tuns and a Mushroom spring roll coated in Vermicelli… very delicate but also very tasty. The steamed dim sum had some great embellishment The Sui Mai with crispy Pork crackling and the Har Gao with some delicate citrus foam.

Then came a whole steamed Dover Sole – zingy fresh and expertly removed from the bone and garnished with the trinity (garlic, ginger & spring onion) Some lusciously pink prawns with a crispy fried garlic and spring onion topping were beautifully sweet tasting – shame it was only one prawn each!

Next came a Crispy Duck course that had some wonderfully novel twists on the standard restaurant serving. A paint brush came standing up in a shot glass ready to paint the steamed pancake with the Hoisin sauce. The normal cucumber and spring onion garnish was added to by small slivers of smoked duck and then some crispy fried pieces of dried bean curd. It was a clever and well thought out addition that gave the whole dish a new flavour dimension and texture.

Once the duck was cleared away we then had a slight pause before rice bowls arrived and then a plethora of main dishes. First a seared beef dish described as Yunnan Seared 40 day aged beef with mint chilli and lemon grass. (It got demolished before I could take a picture!) A masterful combination that had a real zing and freshness to it with quite an after kick to it.

A bowl of Singapore Noodles then arrived along with stir fried market Chinese greens. Then a really unctuous slow braised pork belly with lotus root and then another bowl arrived with Gang Bao Chicken with roasted Peanuts and a good chilli kick and then apparently a classic new years dish of a rice noodle cake with a bean sprouts. This was a real classic of flavour combinations and textures that was soft and chewy – in fact it was a bit of a “Marmite” dish amongst the other diners but I have to say I loved it.

To complete the meal once all was cleared away wooden boards arrived laden with what looked like little white peaches. These were in fact what could be described as one of Mr Wong’s signature dishes.  The recent Jay Rayner review on the establishment describes the dessert as possibly the best current dessert in London at the moment! It was I have to say quite honestly an amazing dessert. A crispy base to the dumpling that had a gorgeous duck egg based custard  hidden inside a soft delicate casing that beautifully oozed out of the bun as you bit into it!

This was a truly magnificent meal to celebrate Chinese New Year and the company of Mr Hom was equally welcome.  I am in awe of Mr Wong and now am keen to go back… I am celebrating a significant birthday this year and am already trying to plan as many return visits as I can.

My long time friend Chef Kam Po But who has guest cooked a couple of times with me is one I want to eat here with as I know he appreciates Andrew Wong’s talents and knows him well. If anyone wants to join me and But as this is very much a must visit establishment! Please just let me know and I will add you to the list! (You will have to pay your own way though!)

You can tell I enjoyed myself and when I finally left at nearly 5;30pm you just now when it has been a great lunch as much as great company!

Gong Hay Fat Choy

Chef But to cook again at Hari Covert’s…

Noodles But

Well we are excited to report Chef Kam Po But formerly Executive Chef at Ken Lo’s Memories of China, Belgravia London has agreed to come back and present another two nights of his culinary prowess.

Chef But had been the Executive Chef of Ken Lo’s for some thirty years plus until his retirement a few years ago. He has been a friend for the same period and is god father to my daughter and we have done Chinese dinners in some truly amazing locations from the depths of the Hampshire countryside to the remoteness of the Isles of Scilly.

Chef But is a true master at blending dishes to be balanced in flavour, texture and colour. He has constructed a menu once again that will demonstrate all of this and to top it all off at the end of the dinner he will once again demonstrate the art of Hand Drawn Noodles. His skill in this is legendary as he has made countless appearances  on TV from The Generation Game to BBC Food & Drink and ITV This Morning.

This is a unique chance to sample some truly great Chinese food in a relaxed and sharing manner and will as always be totally oversubscribed!

We will kick the evening off with a welcome drink and simple nibbles before getting guests to sit down to a mammoth banquet. The meal will begin with a range of starters, Crispy Smoked Chicken served with Crispy Seaweed (not actually Seaweed), Sesame Prawn Toasts, Kuo-Tieh Dumplings – a little steamed pork dumpling that are then fried to give a crispy bottom served with a simple soy and ginger dipping sauce. Finally a baked fresh Scallop served in its shell with a piquant black bean sauce.

We will then serve a soup to guests – normally served at the end of a meal here though as a bit of a palate cleanser it will be a delicate Cantonese Hot & Sour Soup.

Next we will then serve what has become something of a signature dish for Chef But. Mongolian Crispy Lamb is a marinated braised leg of lamb that once cold is deep fried until crispy and served with a yellow bean sauce and lettuce leaves like the crispy duck and pancakes. It is a clever dish of textures and flavours and for many lighter than the Duck & pancake variety.

Moving onto the main course dishes we will then serve the following. Chef But will cook them and dish up as quickly as he can but they will generally come as and when they are ready. We will serve a Slow Cooked Beef Shin with water chestnuts. This is a real winter warmer dish and not found on your average Chinese restaurant menu, the beef shin is slowly cooked in a rich soy and spiced broth and then served with crunchy water chestnuts. Stir Fried Chicken Breast in a yellow bean sauce with crispy Almonds. Stir Fried King Prawns with Snow Peas (Mange Tout). Then depending on what we can purchase a fillet of fish done “Peking Style” in a light egg batter that is first fried then steamed with a sauce made from spring onions, garlic and ginger – the “Holy trinity” in Chinese cuisine.

We will serve a fresh vegetable either Pak Choy or Choi Sum (depending on our market purchases) topped with Oyster Sauce and some plain boiled rice.

To complete the meal Hari will be doing the pudding and he will showcase some exotic Asian flavour ice creams and sorbets from local producer Taywell Ice Creams. We will serve Jasmine Tea or if some want a coffee to complete the banquet.

Finally after all of this you will be treated to the hand drawn noodle demonstration by Mr But… this magical process is thousands of years old and we recommend you bring your cameras or phone cameras to capture it all as if you blink you will miss it.

Since we announced these dates spaces filled very quickly and we are now fully booked for both nights.

If you want spaces or be on our waiting list please complete the booking form at the end of this post.

Arrival  7:30pm – Welcome Drinks and assorted Chinese Nibbles

Dinner Served 8:00pm – prompt

Suggested Donation £55.00 per person service not included (Guests to bring their own wines/drinks – Glasses, Water and Ice Buckets provided.)


Sesame Prawn Toasts

Crispy Seaweed

Kuo-Tieh Dumplings (Pot Stickers)

Crispy Smoked Chicken

Baked Scallop with Black Bean Sauce

吃 嘛

Cantonese Hot & Sour Soup

吃 嘛

Crispy Mongolian Lamb with Lettuce Puffs

吃 嘛

Slow braised Beef Shin with water chestnuts

Stir Fried Chicken with Yellow Bean Sauce and Almonds

King Prawns with Snow Peas (Mange Tout)

Fish Fillet “Peking” Style with Ginger & Garlic

Chinese Vegetables with Oyster Sauce

Steamed Rice

吃 嘛

Assorted “Taywell” Asian Sorbet & Ice Creams

吃 嘛

Jasmine Tea or Coffee

Please complete the following form to reserve your spaces. Please note we are already fully booked for both Friday and Saturday and now only have a waiting list for cancellations or potentially a 3rd night.

A vintage year 2012…

Well what a year this has been… we can safely say it has been a vintage year of events and fun and well we thought it might be worth a look back at some of the highlights.

Well January 2012 was the start and we did a dinner at a new location… Olive Stores in Brenchley provided the backdrop for a Veggie Feast dinner in conjunction with Moodley’s Micro Brewery where we did a 6 course vegetarian menu matched to Yudhistra Moodleys rather special beers. It was a challenge to provide a balanced menu to the beers but we think it went rather well with some lovely comments in our guest book!

On January 24th I spent the morning in the Green Room of the “ITV’s This Morning” TV studios with Chef But awaiting his quick three minute performance of the art of hand made noodles live on air to celebrate the “Chinese New Year”…. It was a surreal day for many reasons…

February marked the celebration of our second birthday of existence and we felt we celebrated in style with a “Birthday Bash” that was extravagant with some of my favourite dishes. Namely some Fresh Foie Gras and also a rather juicy double sirloin steak topped with bone marrow. We had one group of guests travel all the way from Oxford for the occasion and it was yet again another couple of fun filled nights.

We also shot a little video to help promote our first little charity fundraiser of the year. “Eat like a King well almost” was an event we had donated to one of our favourite charities the Hospice in the Weald. Their torchlight Dinner held at Hever Castle was a fitting setting for our video that we shot on a cold February morning with snow all around. The video also helped us raise a total of £2,200 so all rather humbling.

March dashed by and as the year hotted up we started planning some of our next events the Spring menus saw us cooking some rather tasty lamb chumps with the freshly foraged wild garlic and then a couple of forays with meals out were interesting fodder for the blog as the experiences were chalk and cheese. Rocksalt in Folkestone was a disaster and then Pollen Street Social in London was a real triumph!

Our May dinners saw us back at the Olive Stores in Brenchley with the patriotic feel of Best of British Dinners. 2012 has been a year of British celebrations what with the Queens Diamond Jubilee and then the Olympic and Paralympics games. Well the Best of British Dinners were a challenge where we produced two four course dinners from a minute kitchen. It was however a pleasure to serve up some great local asparagus and strawberries and then a main course of pigs cheeks and pork belly provided an interesting talking point.

Our next charity challenge then quickly loomed upon us in June when on the eve of the Summer Solstice we took our underground “covert” dining to new heights when we attempted to serve a dinner to six prize draw winners on the roof of Yalding’s 13th century church. The Yalding Church Preservation Society (YCPS) had asked us if we would help them raise some much needed funds for their remit of assisting in the upkeep of this village church and we rose to the challenge. An online and offline collection was made and a total of just over £1500 was raised. Six lucky diners tucked into a dinner on the roof whilst 50 plus enjoyed canapés and drinks in the churchyard at the same time. Phew what a week!

Finally just before our summer break we served our July dinners with a French theme and then like the rest of the nation we got hooked on the sporting festival that took place up in London. I was fortunate to have several visits to the Olympic park and was also pleased to be at the opening day of a new restaurant (Danes Yard Kitchen) located a stones throw across the road from the park and have since been back a few times and watch with interest how the place evolves.

Our holiday down in the south of France passed all to quick but a visit by Mr But and his wife gave us the opportunity to show them the local gourmet delights and also start us planning what would be a return visit by Chef But to Hari’s in September when once again we served two very successful nights of Chinese food. One guest Laura Goode was so blown away by it she had to write on her own blog

Where was the year going… October we tried something a little different with our dinners when we served a choice of dishes and made it a slightly cheaper affair and then in November another first we joined forces with local wine merchants Rodney Fletcher Vintners and served a five course dinner  “In Vino Veritas”  with two wines at each course! A full house both nights and a waiting list of diners clambering for drop outs we could have filled the dinners twice over! Then all of sudden it was Xmas looming on us…

In amongst this we also helped local “chocolatier extraordinaire” Damian Allsop to open a pop up Chocolate shop in central Tunbridge Wells. This has proved a big hit and we hope something more will come of it…

We conducted our normal Xmas feast and also tried a new little venture of Covert cookery lessons with our first recipient just before Xmas looking to pick up some tips on how to produce some interesting dishes for the festive period.

It has been a busy year and already we are planning our events for 2013. The 2013 dates are already published and we have menus for the first three months in the pipeline so keep an eye out for them .

The bookings for January will open on January 1st and it will be what we call our “January Sale”.

We will also hopefully be looking at doing some bigger events during 2013 and also revisiting some old haunts. Olive Stores are expanding and we hope we can do something new and exciting with them in their latest venue. We have more meals out planned which we hope to report upon and then also the Covert Cookery lesson idea will expand so do keep watching this space or sign up on our database for regular updates.

We wish you all the best for 2013 and many thanks for your patronage and support during 2012 – a truly vintage year!

Chinese Memories – a review

Well we have now completed the return visit of Chef But with his second visit with again two highly enjoyable nights… These nights take some planning and organisation as it is quite an involved feat to cook a banquet of some ten dishes in a domestic kitchen…

I have known Chef But for over thirty years and we have cooked many a dinner and done many a promotional event together. We have taken Chinese food to the Scilly Isles, East Anglia, Hampshire and other parts near and far. He has always been a pleasure to cook with as he is such a professional and as equally enthusiastic about food as I am!

We used to often meet for a Sunday Dim Sum lunch following a bout of tennis in the morning and follow that lunch with a slap up tea at a 5 star hotel… oh the days before marriage and family commitments!

I dashed down the motorway on Thursday morning to pick B and his wife Sue up from East Croydon station followed by a quick trip up to Wing Yip “the big” Chinese supermarket. It is a veritable emporium of all things Asian and the source of much that we needed so following a quick bite to eat in the restaurant next door we loaded up the car and headed back to HQ to start preparing.

It’s always fascinating to see how much hard work goes into the events we do and this one was no exception, we worked solidly until early evening prepping the meats and the smells emanating from the kitchen wafted throughout my home.

It was also slightly stressful as B announced the little bottle of “Lye Water” he had brought with him had been damaged in transit and he was in dire need of more! Well firstly trying to understand what Lye Water was or is, meant a Google search to discover it is a caustic soda and water mix used in soap making and in some cases for pastry. Hence the need for Chef But and his impending noodle demo!

A quick request via twitter revealed a place nearby in Tunbridge Wells should stock it but a phone call revealed it was not availible and the person on the phone went on to tell me it is something now illegal… this was news to chef But as he has been using it for over 30 years in his noodle making process and still able to purchase from other chinese emporia.

Another fellow tweeter kindly posted a little (you tube) video on how we could make our own and in fairness if we had time and a large plastic oil drum knocking about we might have considwered it! Anyway chef But soldiered on and duly managed without and we continued to prepare the banquet menu.

So onto the dinners… we always find the first night harder than the second – I guess it is to be expected… first night nerves and doing dinners back to back we have an easier task on night two as some prep work is already done. These dinners were no different and we had a full house both nights. A two of no shows on the second night was somewhat annoying as we had turned others away and we pride ourselves in ensuring all those attending will turn up so this was a first and all rather annoying!!!!

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So what about the food well I am going to say it all went down rather well with some lovely comments and I will direct you to the following blog written by one of our guests who was in attendance on the Friday night. Check out Laura’s comments and lovely pictures here

We rounded each evening off with the noodle demo and if you have never seen it then just check out this little video from last years dinners. Chef But has hardly aged!!!

The following comments from our guestbook say it all…

“What a marvellous experience, every course hit the spot and Mr But’s noodles perfectly formed!. Great Evening…” Claire & Graeme

“I did not like “Chinese” until tonight”Mark

“Lovely evening… food was amazing and & atmosphere great… our 4th visit so expect nothing less! Thanks Hari”Emma & Nathan

“We thoroughly enjoyed watching you get your noodles in a twist!!! Seriously what an excellent evening ! Fabulous flavours that came through each individual dish, an absolute delight – Thank You”Russell & Ruth

The last comment means much to us as these guests travelled all the way from Chelmsford in Essex braving the M25 and the Dartford crossing on a Friday evening… that is what we call dedication to the cause!

Chef But has also left me three signed copies of his Memories of China Cookbook so if you are interested in purchasing a copy then please let me know via the following form. The cost of the book will be £10 plus P&P (£3 profit on the book will be donated to charity!)

Signed Book…


Hari C

More Chinese Memories…the menu

Well we promised it would be another fun night and those already booked are in for a treat… When Mr But cooked for two nights last year in August we had such positive comments and some still even talk about it to me.

Well Mr But has kindly agreed to come back again. We will be hosting two nights on the 14th & 15th September. The menu does have some repeated dishes from last year only because they are classics and signature dishes of Chef But’s

Please note the menu will be subject to market purchases and ingredient availabilities. Suggested Donation £55.00 per person. Bring your Own wines/drinks

Arrival 7:30pm – Welcome drink and assorted Chinese nibbles

Dinner 8:00pm Prompt – please note to maximise space there will be two tables (8 and 6) so guests will be sharing

Bang Bang Chicken Salad
Potsticker Dumplings 
Sesame Prawn Toasts
Crab & Sweetcorn Soup
Intermediate Course 
Crispy Mongolian Lamb with lettuce puffs
Main Courses 
Sliced Fish fillets with Chef But’s special sauce
Braised Brisket of Beef with Dried Bean Curd & Water Chestnuts
Double Cooked Szechwan Pork Belly
 Stir Fried Chicken in Black Bean Sauce
Stir Fried Chinese Vegetables
Steamed Rice
Hari’s Dessert
Homemade Lychee and Ginger Sorbet
Chinese Tea
We will be serving these dishes to guests on serving platters and we will also give guidance on the use of chopsticks to those less accomplished.
At the end of the meal guests will than be invited to watch a demonstration by Chef But in the art of Hand-made Noodles. This is a very skilled process and quite magical to observe and Chef But is a true master at it… just make sure you bring your cameras to capture it.
To reserve your places please go here

Chinese Memories… a return visit…

Well we are very excited to announce that chef Kam Po But will be returning for two nights again in September. – 14th & 15th to be precise.

©Alexander Whittle

We were delighted by the success of last years event (see the review here) we felt we had to try and host another couple of nights.

Mr But is a true master and along with his charming wife Sue we will be putting together another really sumptuous banquet meal. Mr But is currently working on this years menu.

We will start the evening off with welcome drink and nibbles then guests will be able to bring their own wine/drinks for the meal.

At the conclusion of the evening Mr But will then also demonstrate the magical process of making hand drawn noodles to the lucky guests – a skill in which he is a real master and much admired.

We are requesting a suggested donation of £55 per person for this very exclusive event. Please also note guests will be required to also share tables. (We will have two large tables)

If you wish to book your places for this very special event then please complete the following form: Please book early to ensure you get your required spaces.

Gong Hei Fat Choi… Happy New Year to you…

Well it was a busy day for yours truly yesterday as I was lucky enough to be asked to help set up and arrange a special appearance by chef Kam Po But who was our guest chef back in August 2011.

Chef But with Phillip & Holly

He was on the ITV This Morning show as part of their “Chinese New Year” celebrations. A quick demo of his prowess at making hand made noodles was then quickly followed by presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby having a go themselves! Check out the demo here If you go to 01.05.00 it should be about the spot in the programme! You can still see the demo he gave at our dinners on You Tube.

It was fascinating at seeing how the programme is put together and it seems like organised chaos but very professional in it’s execution.

Full swing...

I did talk to Mr But about doing a return visit to our supper club later in the year and so watch this space!

The year past and then there is the year ahead….

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Well it has been a busy year during 2011 here at Hari Covert’s and we have now finished the year with an Xmas flourish… we served some 50 plus people with a festive menu both here at our secret venue as well as also at an out of the house location in deepest Kent!

It has been quite a challenge to serve up the festive menu that ranged from our Christmas dinner terrine to smoked salmon rillettes and then a smoked salmon & horseradish flan. We also served many legs of duck confit to our guests either with a Mixed Bean & Chorizo stew or  some tasty Puy lentils… We were delighted to see many returning customers and also welcome so many new faces with our meals.

2011 was a journey of discovery for us as we provided meals of many styles and in some very unusual locations… we hope all those that attended our events enjoyed them and we certainly do thank all for their support and encouragement.

Our reputation we hope continues to grow and we have worked hard to maintain what we hope is good food cooked well and served to you in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. I sit here at this moment thinking about what have been highlights for me and have to say there have been so many.

We have tried to ensure we have cooked with not only some great local sourced produce but also tried to proved some more unusual experiences to our followers. Who would have guessed a right royal feast back in late April 2011 would be so popular or then the fundraising we have done for the Hospice in the Weald with our Prize draw for the Bjorn Again package and then the special Afternoon tea we did for them at the Stuff and Good Sense shop in Tunbridge Wells would help such a worthwhile cause.

Dinners we hosted here at our secret location ranged from a “Game night” to Fish suppers and a summer BBQ with produce we bought back from a trip to Germany. An extra special Chinese themed night with guest chef Mr Kam Po But was something we will long remember and hopefully repeat again.

All were well attended and provided much to challenge us. Our most ambitious though has to be the dinners we did in the Cheese cellars of Winterdale Shaw… it was a challenge that we rose to and we hope we pulled off.

We have had some great publicity during 2011 as well – we were asked to speak at the first Pantiles Food Festival held in Royal Tunbridge Wells and then a great write-up in the much read Saga Magazine in September meant we attracted a whole new group of interest.

Now as we start to plan for our next dinners in 2012 our first one will be a totally vegetarian Feast – we will be linking with Penshurst based brewer Yudhistra Moodley who will be supplying the beers we will be matching to the food and serving it all at the Olive Stores in Brenchley. We still have some spaces left so check out the menu here. You an also enter our special competition here to name one of the beers we will be serving and also a plate of the butternut squash risotto we will be serving it with!

We will be finalising some of the other plans for later this year soon so keep an eye out for more details… we will be taking our Hari Covert concept to new heights and also we hope helping our local communities in a new and novel way. There will be something for everyone so please do watch this space and thanks for all your support so far!

Hari Covert

From a wet and chilly Kent!

More Chinese Memories…

My thanks to local photographer Alex Whittle  for sending me these photos…he was one of the guests on the Saturday night.

He apologised profusely as he normally does not drink and snap as well but I think he did quite well to capture the noodle demo so well… He was amazed how quick Mr But had made them…as he blinked there they were!

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Please check the following link for the Video of this demo!