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Veggie Feast Fest….

Well our dinners back in November that were planned to be held at the Olive Stores in Brenchley unfortunately had to be cancelled at the last minute.

http://www.olive-stores.co.uk Brenchley

We were so excited about the plans to showcase the beers of Penshurst brewer Moodley’s we felt we just had to try and do something with them.

Well after much deliberation we decided having discussed menus with Brewery owner Yudhistra Moodley we would try to showcase the beers along with a complete vegetarian feast as he pointed out his beers are also completely vegetarian friendly.

We also have had many requests since we opened for a totally Vegetarian meal.  We do try to accommodate diners when they request a vegetarian option but the challenge this night will be a menu that will be Veggie from start to finish! We felt it was about time we illustrated the food can be interesting and the challenge for us it to ensure the menu will be matched to the beers. Some of the beers will have been specifically brewed just for us and this event making it a very unique event.

We will kick the evening off with some veggie inspired nibbles along with a glass of  Black Velvet.  This will be made using a sparkling perry and a measure of Moodley’s Winter Solstice.

The menu planned will then be as follows:

Smoked Tofu Bang Bang Salad

Cold Smoked tofu served on a bed of cold rice noodles & cucumber topped with a peanut & sesame oil dressing


Beer: To be confirmed


Roasted Butternut Squash & Goats Cheese Risotto

A creamy freshly made risotto with roasted butternut squash and a topping of crumbled goats cheese.

Beer: To be confirmed


Mushroom & Chick Pea Burger with Greek Yoghurt & Mint

A spicy mushroom and chick pea burger served with a light yoghurt and mint sauce

Beer: To be confirmed


Mixed Bean Chilli served with Homemade Beer Bread

Green Bean & Cobnut Oil Salad

A rich mixed bean fiery chilli for a cold winters night served with freshly made beer bread – Cold green bean salad with toasted cobnuts dressed in Kentish cobnut oil

Beer: To be confirmed


Cheese Plate with Porridge Oat Biscuits

A selection of cheeses served with Hari’s special biscuits


Chocolate Brownie & Chocolate Chunk Blondie with Crème Fraiche

Beer: Winters Solstice


Coffee & Homemade Muesli Biscuits

Menu subject to Market purchases and ingredient availability.

Suggested donation £40 per person will include beer served with each course. Please note a small list of assorted wines and soft drinks will be available for a separate charge. Service charge is not included and left to guests discretion.

Bookings opened at 9am Monday 12th December. Tables are limited and some guests may have to share depending on numbers and configuration. Book Here


Ho Ho Ho …. it’s Christmas time…

Nibbles & Welcome Drink


“Christmas Dinner” Terrine with spicy homemade chutney


 Crispy Confit Duck Leg with a Mixed Bean and Chorizo Stew


 Hari’s Cheese selection


 Rich Chocolate Truffle Torte with a Winter fruit compote


 Coffee & Petit Fours

 We will be serving a Christmas inspired menu to guests for two nights only… Friday 9th and Saturday 10th December

Arrival: 7:30pm for welcome drink & nibbles

Dinner: 8pm Prompt

We will kick the evening off with a welcome drink and some specially chosen seasonal nibbles and then the first course will be a “Christmas Dinner” inspired terrine…I love the challenge of combining all those Christmas favourites… Pork, Turkey, Gammon, Cranberries, Chestnuts and a hint of sage… it will we hope put you all in the mood for the festive season… served with some spicy homemade chutney.

Next we will serve a crispy confit duck leg on a mixed bean and chorizo stew that will be a great flavoursome winter warmer.

Next we will serve some assorted cheeses and our homemade porridge oat biscuits. We are hoping to serve a rather special version of  Winterdale Shaw one of our favourites… subject to availability we hope to serve a vintage version that has been matured for we believe two years!

Finally we will complete this meal with an individual rich chocolate torte that will have the addition of a winter fruit compote to cut the richness of the chocolate.

A suggested donation of £30 per person inclusive of welcome drink and glass of dessert wine with the pudding. Please bring your own drinks to go with dinner. Glasses and water provided.

We will have our dining area decorated and the tables will be decked with some festive cheer… all we need now is you as our special guests…! Book Now here

Dates for 2012

These are the Hari Covert Dinner Dates for twenty twelve…

The following are our proposed dates for next year… please note these will be subject to change and alteration…so please do keep a check on our web site “Dates 2012” section when we update.

The themes for each of the dinners, as yet is to be finalised.

January 13th and 14th

February 24th & 25th

March 23rd & 24th

April 20th & 21st

May 18th & 19th

June 8th & 9th

June 23rd – Charity fundraiser

July 13th & 14th

August – No dinners

September 14th & 15th

We will be posting more details soon.

Moodley’s Munch Dinners… cancelled

I am sorry to say I have had to cancel the Moodley’s Beer dinners this next weekend due to some unforeseen circumstances.

If you are booked in please do check your email as I have sent you a fuller explanation.

We will reschedule the dinners for new dates in 2012 and we will hopefully be announcing soon the dates and plans for 2012.

I am sorry for the short notice but it has been unavoidable… thanks to all who had booked and supported us yet again!


Hari C

Moodley’s Munch… well dinner at least…

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Well we will be hosting a couple of nights on the 18th and 19th November that will showcase the beers of Kent’s smallest Micro Brewery Moodley’s of Penshurst.

Yudhistra Moodley the founder and MD of this brewery will be supplying the beers that we will use within the menu and also serve alongside the selected dishes. Yudhistra will also be there each night to talk about his brews and answer any questions you might have. We hope also his brewster Jemima the UK’s youngest will also be there if she can be persuaded!!!

The venue for this night will also be a bit different as we will be joining forces with Sarah Crysell of the Olive Stores in Brenchley. This is a new venture that opened back in the late summer and is located in the heart of this village and we will be taking over the place for the two nights. This will also provide us with a bit more capacity as there will be room for a maximum twenty four guest spread over 3 tables of eight. So please note unless you are a party of eight you will be sharing with other diners.

The menu for each evening has been designed to compliment each of the brews and will we hope match each dish. Subject to market purchases and availibilty it will comprise of the following.

Welcome nibbles will be served at 7:30pm with a glass of Black Velvet, a mix of sparkling perry and Moodley’s Pantiles Porter.

The dinner will then commence at 8pm and we will serve a homemade Pork and Kentish Cobnut Terrine served with assorted pickles and some freshly baked Beer Bread made using the Moodley’s Toad Rock Bitter. We will serve a glass of the Toad Rock bitter with this course.

The next dish we will serve will be a poached Breast of Chicken stuffed with a wild mushroom stuffing and then a light beer and caraway scented jus will go with this. This will be garnished with a creamy Gratin Dauphinoise potato and some green beans. This time we will serve a glass of the Moodley’s Penshurst Pleasure with this dish.

Next in the French fashion we will serve some Cheese… this will be whatever is best and in stock at the Olive Stores and with this we will serve our Porridge Oat Biscuits. The beer with this course will be a new one just recently developed by Jemima and Yudhistra. This one has only had some eighty bottles produced this year as it uses Golding Hops grown in Rusthall and they have been used fresh (not dried) in the beer it has been recently named Green Goldings.

Finally the meal will be completed with a specially baked chocolate cake that uses the Pantiles Porter in it and will be garnished with some Porter soaked sultanas and a scoop of ice cream. With this we will serve a glass of another new beer for the winter called Winter Solstice.

Coffee and Petit fours will complete what we hope will be an interesting event that will showcase these amazing bottle conditioned real ales in a way that we hope will also show how food and beer can match very well.

The bookings open as of October 16th and we will be asking for a donation of £40 per person for this dinner as it will also include each beer with each course. Extra beers will be available for purchase and also a limited wine list of wines by the glass of bottle will also be on hand for an added cost.

Going underground…

Racks of cheese...

Well now we told you we would be serving a dinner this year at cheesemaker’s Robin & Carla Betts of Winterdale Shaw and we can now reveal what we will be serving and what format the dinner will take!

It will be literally underground this month as we will serve a four course dinner down in the cheese cellar of Winterdale Shaw in amongst the racks of maturing Cheddar.

We will be doing two nights on Friday 9th September and Saturday 10th September and we will be using the cheese I made along with fellow chefs Jason and Aidan back in January this year. We will also be using for the main course another very local product but more on that in a moment.

The menu for each night will use the cheese we made at every opportunity and will be as follows.

Nibbles served with a welcome drink will be Winterdale Shaw Gougeres & Welsh Rarebit

Double Cooked Cheese Souffle

with an Apple & Watercress Salad

ῶ ῶ ῶ ῶ

3 ways “Roundwood Orchard” Pig

Crispy Confit Pork Belly

Zigeuner Goulash

Liver & Onions

Cheese Mash

Green Beans wrapped in Bacon

ῶ ῶ ῶ ῶ

Our own made Winterdale Shaw Cheese

served with Porridge Oat Biscuits

ῶ ῶ ῶ ῶ

Vanilla Junket
with Seasonal Fruits

(Muscat de Rivesaltes)

ῶ ῶ ῶ ῶ

Coffee with
Homemade Chocolates

We will kick the meal off with some cheesy nibbles namely a classic Welsh Rarebit and then some Gougeres, classic choux pastry baked with grated cheese. These will be served upstairs in the shop area where guest can view the dairy room before descending the steps into the chilly cellar (Warm clothing is advisable) to then congregate around a single large table for the dinner.

The first course will then be a double baked cheese souffle that will be served with a simple local apple and watercress salad.

The main course though will only use the cheese in a subtle way within the mashed potato but will however show case some very special free range organic pork from nearby Roundwood Orchard.

This thirty plus acre farm keeps some 400 pigs in outdoor pens year round and rears happy pigs that are fed on the apples from the surrounding apple and plum orchards and ensures the meat is 100% traceable and sustainable. We will cook it three different ways – the belly will be poached in lard till soft and unctuous and then pressed till cold cut into portion sizes and then finally roasted to crisp up.

A shoulder joint will be made into slow cooked paprika flavoured Zigeuner Goulasch with the addition of sauerkraut and finally we will quickly pan fry the liver and serve with some fried onions. The addition of green beans wrapped in some smoked streaky bacon will complete the main course plates.

We then in the French fashion will serve a wedge of the Winterdale Shaw cheese along with assorted accoutrements and our now infamous porridge biscuits.

Finally to complete the meal we will serve a classic old-fashioned milk junket, using the farms unpasteurized milk that we will set with the addition of rennet and then serve with a garnish of some seasonal local fruit. A glass of Muscat de Rivesaltes will be served with this and then with coffee we will serve some homemade chocolates.

This event will really showcase two exceptional products a true artisan Cheese and meat that is produced with a passion and commitment that is unrivalled and will be a very unique evening.

We will be asking for a donation of £45 per person that will include the welcome drink on arrival and the Muscat de Rivesaltes with the dessert but you will need to bring your own wines to go with your meal… glasses and water will be supplied.

If you are interested to attend these dinners then please go to our Book Now page to complete the booking form.

Chinese Chef Mr But comes to Hari Covert…

The Menu


 Cold Peking Smoked Fish

Crispy Smoked Chicken
on Crispy Seaweed

Sesame Prawn Toast

Baked Scallop with Black Bean Sauce


 Intermediate Dish

 Mongolian Crispy Lamb with Lettuce Puffs


Main Dishes

Slow cooked Beef Shin with Water Chestnuts

Stir Fried Chicken & Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce

Stir Fried King Prawns & Sugar Snaps with Ginger & Garlic

Kuo Tieh Fish Slice Szechaun Style

Pak Choy with Oyster Sauce

Steamed Rice



By Hari Covert

Following my recent meeting with Mr But we have now finalised the menu. This will however be subject to market purchases and ingredient availability. Dates are Friday 5th August and Saturday 6th August.

We will kick the meal off with a selection of starters some Crispy Smoked Chicken served on a bed of seaweed (Mr But was the first Chinese chef to reveal how this is made on UK TV and overnight the price of seaweed dropped in restaurants) We will also serve some Peking Smoked Fish – this is Plaice fillets that are initially marinated then fried and then marinated again, a delicate starter that is served cold and is a refreshing start to what will be a pretty enormous meal. We will serve a classic sesame Prawn Toast… this is something Mr But does rather well and I’m sure you will be impressed. Finally the remaining starter we will serve will be a fresh scallop that will have been baked in its shell and served topped with a piquant Black Bean Sauce.

Next will come something of a signature dish and one that Mr B is famed for. It is what is termed the intermediate course. Mongolian Crispy Lamb is a boneless leg of lamb that has been slow cooked in aromatic spices and then will be deep fried and served with a Hoisin Sauce and Ice Berg lettuce leaves…

We then move onto the main dishes and as Mr But will be cooking these all fresh they will appear on the tables as they are ready so do pace yourselves.

The dishes we will be serving will be a slow cooked shin of Beef. This is a dish you rarely find on a Chinese restaurant menu but Mr But will be preparing this unctuous dish with addition of water chestnuts to give a crisp texture against the soft well-cooked texture of the meat.

Then we will serve stir-fried chicken with a yellow bean sauce and cashew nuts a dish that will surprise you for its lack of sauce but its flavours that pack a punch. Another stir-fry will be served, some giant King Prawns with Sugar Snap Peas (we know them as Mange Tout) and a light delicate garlic and ginger sauce part of what is classically known as the trinity in Chinese cookery.

We will also be serving a fish dish know as Kuo Tieh Fish Slice, the fish will be coated in a egg batter fried and then poached and served with a spicy Szechaun sauce.

Vegetables will be the stir-fried Pak Choy with oyster sauce and the rice we will serve will be simple steamed Jasmine rice to soak up all those lovely flavours.. I’m drooling here just thinking about it…!

I will do the dessert and will try to make it something fairly exotic! – no idea what just yet so will surprise you all!

This will be a very special night as Mr But is truly a master and with our open plan kitchen we will also encourage you all to keep a watchful eye on the master at work!

The evening will all kick off with a welcome glass of bubbly on arrival with some classic Prawn Crackers, we will also select and include all the wines to go with your dinner and the final spectacle of the night will be the Hand Drawn Noodle presentation, have your cameras at the ready and be prepared to have a go yourself!

I promise you it will be a lot harder for you to do as Mr But has been making noodles now for over 40 years and is recognised as the Master of this art in the UK! He has appeared twice on the BBC Generation Game and has made numerous TV appearances to demonstrate the noodle making process so is just a bit good at it!

The suggested donation for this very special event will be £75 per person that will be an all inclusive price to include all the drinks.

We are filling up fast so please get your bookings in now… Please note you will be sharing tables.


Hari C

Chinese Master joins Hari for two special nights..

Chef But with Hand Drawn Noodles

We will be serving a sumptuous Chinese banquet to our twelve lucky diners on August 5th & 6th – each night this will be an exclusive chance to sample top end Chinese food prepared by a master chef with over 40 years experience.

Also part of the evening will be a demonstration of Hand Drawn noodles a skill that Mr But is famed for and a true master at…

We are putting final touches to the menu and will post this soon along with the expected donation cost for this very unique event…

If you are interested to reserve your place for these events we are now accepting bookings so do not delay.


Mr But or ‘B’ as he prefers to be known was born in Shanghai, at the age of two he moved with his parents to Hong Kong. His father was also a chef and trained in the art of Imperial Russian cuisine and his brother Tony is also a chef who works along side him and continuing the family culinary tradition.

Nearly Forty years ago ‘B’ moved to the UK and initially worked at Mr Chow’s Knightsbridge. Then for a time at the Golden Duck in Fulham, the forerunner of the Chinese Brassiere before joining Chinese Cookery Book writer Ken Lo at Memories of China were he has worked for the last thirty plus years as the Executive Chef until his recent retirement!

‘B’ is recognised as a leading exponent in the art of Hand Drawn Noodles a magical culinary skill that he has been preparing for some thirty plus years. He has demonstrated the noodle making process on numerous occasions. He has appeared twice on the BBC TV ‘Generation Game’ and the BBC’s ‘Food & Drink’ programme, Channel 4’s Big Breakfast and also on various Children’s programmes from TV AM’s Wide Awake Club to ITV Motormouth Christmas Special. He has appeared on Belgian TV and been involved in many Food Promotions for specialist festivals throughout Europe and the UK.

He was the first and probably is the only Chinese Chef to cook in the Isles of Scilly (saving the residents of the islands considerable expense of having a take-away flown in by helicopter from Penzance!).

‘B’ is married lives in London and has two daughters.

Tea Glorious Tea… all for a good cause

Tea for two?…or more…

Saturday July 9th & Sunday July 10th – Tea @ Hari Covert’s

Well we have  now opened the bookings for our next event in July… this time we will be opening our doors to guests for a traditional Afternoon Tea.

We will serve twelve customers at each sitting from 2pm and 4pm and the profits earned will go to our designated charity The Hospice in the Weald.

We will also be slightly different as we will be open on the Saturday and then the Sunday…instead of the Friday evening…

A great institution…

We will start by welcoming guests with a glass of something bubbly on arrival and then we will serve a choice of teas firstly with an assortment of sandwiches and this will then be followed by some freshly home-baked scones, Jam and a generous helping of clotted cream. Finally a selection of homemade cakes and pastries will be dished up to you along with teapot refills to a hopefully an appreciative bunch tea enthusiasts…

Also during proceedings we will be selling raffle tickets as we want to raise as much as we can for the Hospice and at the end of each day’s teas we will have a draw for a selection of prizes.

Nearer the day we will be letting you know what we have managed to get as a prizes…!

If you would like to partake in what is quintessentially a very great British institution then please just go to our Book Now page and make sure you make it clear which sitting you require when booking!

Practice on raising those pinkies is perhaps now required !!!


Hari Covert

Too hot to handle…BBQ nights

We have opened bookings and the menu is now live…for our June dinners and they are already filling fast…now fully booked on the Saturday and nearly full on the Friday night so be quick. Book Here

We will be using our Fire Pit BBQ to cook a range of meats & fish and I am also serving a range of salads with the BBQ items including something pretty unusual… I will have some dried green beans that will have been soaked in advance and then poached in a vegeatble stock and then added to fresh beans and an appropriate dressing. I have imported the dried green beans especially from Switzerland (I know not local) but as a special treat this ingredient will hopefully provide a bit of a talking point and go perfectly with the smoked pork loin from the BBQ … I can’t wait…!

We will also have just the one large table that guests will be sharing. Let’s also hope the rain stays away as I could get a little soggy otherwise!!!