Ups and Downs…

OK this is basically the Terms and Conditions for eating at  Hari Covert – the underground restaurant.

  1. You agree to pay the proposed minimum donation for the dinner.
  2. All guests agree to keep the location and persons responsible confidential at all times – failure to do so will result in them being blacklisted from future events.
  3. All guests are requested to leave feedback and comments about their experiences good and bad in the Hari Covert Guest Book, Facebook Profile or Twitter Page.  They must however, never divulge names or location in these posts.
  4. Bookings made for your table can only be made via the “Booking Form”  on the web site.
  5. Only when a credit card number has been taken is your booking considered confirmed.
  6. If for any reason you are then unable to fulfil your booking you must immediately notify “Hari Covert” and there will be no charge unless there is less than 72 hours before the booking. We will do our utmost to re-sell the table to ensure no cancellation charges.
  7. If thereafter you are unable to attend you will be charged the suggested donation of the meal and this will be donated to charity even if your place/places are filled by alternative guests.
  8. No refunds given if you should fail to show up on the night
  9. Guests attending are coming to “Hari Covert’s” home and should at all times observe this. We reserve the right to refuse entry or ask guests to leave without refund if so required.