Covert Community Bakery

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Please note the prices I am charging are basically cost prices with a little extra added to cover the increased electrical costs etc I am not looking to make vast profit – this is very much a local service in these challenging times. I have had to amend some prices slightly to cover increased ingredients costs.

I request you only order for yourselves as I am not able to produce vast quantities as I am working from my domestic kitchen and a little limited at the moment. I will now be baking my Beer Breads on Thursdays and Saturdays and the Focaccia will only be available on a Saturday morning.

Pastries will also be supplied to Yalding Post Office on Thursdays & Saturday’s so if you have a craving before Sundays see Tim & June for your fix.

I also request your mobile number so I can text you to say when your order is ready for collection via the WhatsApp group.

I will also invoice you once a month and request you make payment direct to my business account once invoiced (as before) – If you prefer to pay cash I ask you message me to make arrangements,

I do hope this all makes sense – I will revisit the way this works as we go along and tweak where necessary.

Please note I have set limits on certain items so as to ensure I can continue to supply you all. Bread is very much first come first served

Please complete the order form below to ensure you get your order.


I will be providing the following Sourdough Bread from the Bicycle Bakery in Tunbridge Wells on a Thursday morning – delivered to the porch of 1 Acott Fields for pick up at your convenience. N.B This will now also happen every other week as well. This is some of the best Sourdough Bread in the area and is often still warm when I drop off – a few are already hooked on it! Regular weekly orders are welcomed.

All loaves are 750g size

White Sourdough £4.20

Butter Brushed Sourdough £4.20 – Toasts lovely with very crispy crust

Multigrain & Oat Sourdough £4.20

BUY 2 OR MORE LOAVES YOU WILL GET THEM FOR A DISCOUNTED PRICE OF £4.00 each (slice and freeze the slices to have at your leisure)

All bread orders need to be made by 12 noon on the Monday prior to the following Thursday.

For all your December orders please complete the form below