Covert Cook School


We are changing the focus a little bit with the Covert Cook School offer.

Do you feel you need to hone those culinary skills?  Or perhaps just want to have a social experience with like minded foodies and perhaps forge a new friendship.

Then the “Covert Cook School” is for you…we promise secrets will be revealed!

We have a couple of options you can explore below and we can ensure our classes will be intimate and informative. The different formats will be challenging and fun and we can guarantee you will learn something!

Explore the options via our Covert Culinary Challenge or Cook with Hari pages


About Hari

Hari might be a man of mystery to many but he does however have over forty years experience in the culinary and hospitality industry.

His cooking skills have seen many influences from having worked in professional kitchens in Europe and the UK to Michelin rated standards.

He has also been a professional critic for well respected guide book publications so can certainly boast he has had “many a hot dinner” and not always a good one at that!

He has also widely demonstrated his skills at assorted times through his career from demonstrations to children’s schools (a tough audience) to big trade shows. His passion to share and his relaxed approach will ensure the sessions will be fun & rewarding. He believes we can all cook but just need to be given the confidence to have a go, equally for those with some level of culinary competence  then his lessons will inspire you to push yourself a bit further.

Hari is also continually learning new skills and techniques and loves to  share this with those eager to learn.

 Happy Cooking


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