Walk on the wild side…Hari2Go…

This next Hari2Go will possibly be the last one for a little while as I revaluate how I do things – I am looking at doing home delivery as an option and so will be looking at how I can facilitate this offer. Also, as we come out of Lockdown,  I would like to restart my home dining venue offer as well.

We are now coming into what is one of my favourite times of the year – the Wild Garlic Season – Ramson (as it sometimes known) is a wild herb that grows abundantly in this area and it is the sign of Spring well and truly arriving.

The menu will reflect this herb in abundance.

To start we will have a verdant green wild garlic soup that will come with a garnish of a soft boiled quail’s egg and topped with wild garlic pesto. This will also come with our infamous beer bread laced with even more wild garlic pesto.

The main course will be a roasted rump of lamb topped with mustard and wild garlic crust and with this there will be a potato gratin “dauphinoise” and green beans (my signature dish of Haricot Verts) and a pot of red wine jus.

For the dessert, as Easter is around the corner, we thought we would serve an old favourite of a decadent chocolate torte – a recipe given to me by an old chef mate Phil Vickery. It has a double chocolate biscuit base and is topped by a dark chocolate ganache so is quite rich. We will serve some fresh soft fruit with it to help cut its richness.

Finally, I also will serve up a selection of cheeses including a fresh goat’s cheese rolled in wild garlic with a selection of cheese biscuits – including some of my

homemade porridge oat ones. I will also include some of my homemade Banana & Date Chutney to go with it.

We will also supply you with a mini (187ml) bottle of red wine per person to have with your meal.

We will do this meal over two nights 19th & 20th March so it gives you a bit more of a chance to partake.

It will come served in disposables as I will be giving the Tiffin Boxes a rest on this occasion.

Price per person for this dinner will be £30 for the four course menu. Booking will open at 5pm Friday 5th March until 10am Monday 8th March and will require you to confirm by payment with a secure payment link that will be sent with an invoice.


Wild Garlic Soup, Quails Egg & Wild Garlic Beer Bread


Roasted Rump of Lamb with a Wild Garlic & Mustard Crust,

Gratin Dauphinoise, Haricots Verts


Decadent Chocolate Torte


Selection of Cheeses

Menu subject to ingredient availability and market purchases

Please complete the form below and we will invoice you with a secure payment link to confirm your booking. We will then confirm the pick up time and location to you once payment has been made. Full instructions on finishing the meal off will also be provided.